Samsung 970 Evo Nvme M.2 2280 Ssd Install, Speed Test & Performance Cheak

Hey guys and as you can see by the title on the screen grabbed a 970 Evo it currently got it in my system now I will say that I have seen some anomalies in my benchmarking slash testing and I believe it’s something to do with my motherboard or configuration in the BIOS so some of the numbers I might.

Show you or probably a little bit off I’ll do some more research after this and see what’s going on but right now I have all of my m dot 2 slots currently populated and if you know your motherboard most of your M 2 slots are pretty much shared with some.
SATA ports or some PCIe lanes and stuff like that so I need to make sure.

There’s no issues with those lanes I pretty much shot a short video of you know showing the system getting ready to install really like the nine the 970 Evo the 960 Evo the color scheme you know with the whole white black and orange goes really well with my current system even though it’s in.

A white case I like it a lot it’s it’s just it falls good I mean the Auris 1080i looks good with it the entire system looks good with it of course on this motherboard and I’ll note this as well in this motherboard the the 270 or skimming z2 70 touchy from asrock does not have liked the.

The newer motherboards the newer Intel CPUs and and third Ripper they all have these motherboards to have these heat spreaders.

That actually sit on top of.

The MDOT two drives or locations to kind of pull that key and I’ll show you why that could be beneficial in my system if you can.

Hear it I got the door closed but you can still hear my system my fans running because I got two intake fans that run constantly all the time I really don’t care too much about noise I know.

Noise and RGB he’s been the latest craze but me not so much I just want performance and good so.

Anyways the Samsung 970 Evo’s just come out believe me vii yesterday it was a launch date I got my hand on one it’s only four this is the 250 gigabyte so it’s not the the bigger brother the 500 one terabyte or excuse me two terabyte I believe those are the.

Sizes but look at the read so sequential reads 330 500 megabytes and sequential writes but in my testing I’m not seeing that which is why I’m going to do some more research on my motherboard a configuration on screen you may want to pause this and.

Look at the numbers my setup I have two 960 Evo’s and raid but if I go back in time let’s see here alright so this is with the 960 here on the left-hand side in this window is the 970 and then in the middle here is the 960 s and you can see.
That there’s a dip a pretty.

Substantial dip there and I’m thinking there’s a conflict in lanes either PCI or a motherboard setup that’s conflicting the lanes but overall performance wise the 970 does does take the bank and if you look here in the bottom right right below me there’s the temperatures and the 960 s got up 88 nine degrees C and the 970 did the same thing so even though on Samsung’s website and other review websites it’s got the nickel yeah nickel coated controller and heat.

Spreader on the 970 Evo enabled superior heat dissipation so it’s supposed to be better at cooling but when you’re running heavy workloads data writes and reads it does hit.

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