I Shop My Closet: Shoes & Accessories | Ingrid Nilsen

Hello everyone I did a fashion video restyling a pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve had for a while and you guys really liked that video and you asked to see a video on my shoes and accessories as well so things that I’ve had in my wardrobe for a little while and how I am wearing them now I’m gonna.

Be showing you four different things two bags and two pairs of shoes in my case these things are designer pieces but I don’t.

Want you to watch this video and think that only designer pieces stand the test of time because that’s not the case if you watch my other video you’ll see a range of different things the way it turned out for me is that my shoes and accessories that I’ve had and kept and have kept wearing are designer pieces and I just want to say this because I think now more than ever there is.

Pressure to have designer things because we see them on social media all the time and there definitely are beautiful designer things what I want to touch on here is that it can get easy to.

Get caught in this trap of oh I need designer things because those are the only things that are gonna stand the test of time I think we’ve really reached a time honestly where a lot of more expensive designers aren’t actually better quality.

And you are paying for a name and you’re not actually paying for the quality.

The pieces that I’m showing you today are definitely quality designer things but I would say in terms of newer things that I’ve really been liking those things have come from smaller more independent designers when you are thinking about making purchases that you want to stand the test of time I would say definitely check out designer things if you want but pay attention to the quality that you’re getting feel what it is that you’re getting try and picture.

Yourself in three to five years and if this is something that you would want to be wearing for shoes think about if they’re comfortable and if you can realistically wear them and if you would want to wear them or if there’s something that would just look.

Pretty in your closet but there actually practical in your life and the way that you need them to be I have.

Found this kind of mindfulness to be a very helpful when it comes to making purchases and I think these pieces are things.

That definitely ring true to that philosophy and are things that I will continue to wear in the future so with all that out of the way let’s get into it the first bag that I have is from Chloe and I got this several years ago this is right before the small bags really blew up and I remember going into the Chloe store and seeing this bag it is.

Called the Clare bag which they no longer make and I just thought it was the perfect size.

Because I like smaller bags I don’t really carry things that are really big on a daily basis this is big enough to hold my phone.
My card holders some keys a lip product.

If I want and maybe some sunglasses but this bag has been absolutely wonderful because I have been able to wear it in so.

Many different ways the gold detailing definitely dresses it up a little bit more but as you can see here today I’ve paired it.

With a completely casual outfit so ripped jeans a loose striped shirt and sandals that I call my Muffet sandals because they kind of look like animal from the Muppets but I’ve also worn this with dressier outfits as well and every time I wear this bag someone always comments on it and I think it’s.

Because it’s a style that really just wasn’t super popular it wasn’t around for that long but I’m so happy that I got it because when I saw it I knew that it was my style and that it would be something that I.

Wear in the future I will say though it is quite loved.

And quite worn and you can see the signs of wear on this bag so if any of you have recommendations for places in New York where you can like have your bags kind of what I don’t know what they call it like take your bag to like the spa and they like fix it up a little bit let me know because I feel this bag could definitely go to a spa but honestly I think that’s another thing about having things for a longer.

Period of time you do get to see how they wear and I actually enjoy it when things have signs of life in them my next bag is from Proenza Schouler.

And this is the ps1 tiny this isn’t the smallest size that they make but it’s the next size up and I have found this to.

Be a perfect kind of like middle range bag this is probably about as big as I go in terms of handbag size I.

Like this because I can fit a little bit more in it so if.

I want to carry around like a little cosmetics bag or something like that this is great I can also fit a book in it as well and this definitely has a more casual feel to it and I have loved how it has.

Because the leather has just held up it’s become really nice and soft and it has become one of my go-to.
Bags especially in the spring and summer I just think it’s the perfect bag.

To either wear on your shoulder wear crossbody it also has the top handle and I can carry it that way as well and one of my favorite ways to wear it is with lighter colors so here I have a striped.

Button-down shirt some light wash jeans and then some nude strappy sandals I also want to say this is a great bag for putting snacks in it holds a lot more than you think I’ve actually been quite shocked and the great thing about the PSone is that it comes in different sizes and they’re always coming out with different colors as well so this is definitely a bag that.
Is still available moving in to shoes I.

Have a pair of booties from Chloe and I have to say that the things that I have purchased from Chloe at least like years ago are things that I just continue to love these boots were one of the.

First like high-end shoe purchases that I ever made this is about as high as I go with a heel but because it’s so thick and may easy to walk around in and I love the slight point of the toe at the front but it’s not like a super pointy toe the leather has held up.

Really well over the years I probably need to get these resold fairly soon so again if somebody has a good place in New York that they would recommend for getting shoes resoled let me know that’s the part that obviously receives the most wear and tear so if you resold your shoes you can keep them for longer this really.