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We fit all my life for this moment so certainly the wait is over hmm tell me more about these wishes a yen for the suitable words from your mouth I have feelings for you make efforts to be the master of your fee don’t be a slave to it our meeting was predestined by the gods our love is full.

Of souls and troubles it appears as if the gods are not on our side you have a way with words and them you talk about love as if you already have mine well I only speak words according to the wishes of my friend within my portion I’m giving you a surance table oh sure because um.

You witness that I was not myself if the ghost wants to punish you I give you a broken head then they should tell you this kind of manner to approach me next time I am not about to lose another from never occur with I’ll show yourself now surely you seem to be a man of strong mind.

And it’s also needed a white spot should know his boundary stop show yourself to be flesh I am NOT vulnerable to your wizardry top-performing you’re I’m not always got on me I told you how I feel about your brother Naidu you.

Could not let him know about it but I loved that good-for-nothing – nazar to have it how could you how dare you punk our house to make trouble I’m tuning this way your father found me sitting before noon.