Gopro Head Strap Quickclip Unboxing & Shoe Pov Video Test

Today I just got a headstrap quick clip from my brand new GoPro that I had just bought a few days ago I decided to get a head strap for more of a POV type of video that I plan on doing so I think this is the perfect perfect accessory to get it was either this or the the chest.

Mount and a lot of people like the head mount a lot better so I’m gonna go ahead and open this and then hopefully it’s not too hard to put together there.

It is you get this inside the box this is the head mail and like the what’s it called the head clip so what they.

Called it just slides right out head strap quick clip head strap quick clip I’m not really sure how to really put those.

Together doesn’t come with like any instructions or anything so figuring it’s probably probably not that hard mm-hmm let me go ahead and see all right so here’s the quick clip here’s the head strap it’s fairly simple here’s the the waterproof seal I believe you.
Have to have one of these in order to put it on put it.

On the head strap and the quick clip also the.

Only thing with the waterproof casing though is the audio is terrible which is kind of annoying if you notice in like most of.

The GoPro videos where they’re in these they’re either talking over it or there’s like music playing or something they’re not actually talking there’s a lot of like shaking you can hear like the plastic in it or whatever I gotta see if I could find something like like another accessory that prevents that or something but like other than that the audio when it’s outside.
Of this for the hero4 silver is really good but I’m gonna go ahead and.

Test this out on the quick clip first and then the head strap let me go ahead and put the quick clip on my hat and I’ll show you how.

Easy it is it’s really easy you have the waterproof casing right here and the pet strap it doesn’t have to go like on your hat whatever it can pretty.

Little tight suction thing like right here just stereo put it in there like that and then put that on there let me do that real quick for a second see how it snaps.

And boom that’s it easy peasy and just put it in not too hard it’s real easy sorry.

About the kind of like weird glare I have in here the blinds are down that’s.

The Lighting’s a little weird let me turn the camera this way but yeah that’s it there’s a quick clip you can kind of move it a little bit take it put it on backwards yeah photos contacts yeah see I’ll put it on backwards so if I.

Do it this way put on that way it’s just getting top on my head my fault but yeah you get the idea you can also what I’m thinking I’m.

Gonna see if it works real quick where I’m gonna put it on the side of my shoe I don’t know if anyone’s ever done that yet but that GoPro have like POV of you’re like walking with you like the camera in your shoe and I don’t know if like a thing but um you know I’m gonna be I’m gonna make it a thing right but now if I don’t get to.
It someone out there watching this to do before I.

Do so I better get to it all right here it is that was easy put it in my hat poking myself there we go it’s nice and nice and snug you can kind.