How To Unlock The Galaxy Bundle Set Items!

Hey guys Mill here and welcome back so guys today I’m gonna be bringing you a really really quick video on letting you all know how you can get your hands on the new galaxy set confirmed by multiple epic stuff we’ve been trying all day and I finally got the correct answers for you guys so stay tuned guys just.

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Maybe in the future let me know on my Twitter by sending me some images as I’d love to thank you all personally man however guys without further ado let’s get into the day’s video so yeah guys as I say today was meant to be the day that the galaxy bundle set would begin to roll out on November 1st however all throughout.

A day there’s been not a single word on this no-one’s been talking about it there’s been no four night posts no Samsung posts we’ve been so confused trying to contact support all.

Day everyone in discord has been like having a massive riot about it however guys we finally got the correct answers from epic themselves so as you guys see on screen right now.

Basically I contacted a friend at epic of mine basically he got back to me after I asked him like what’s.
Going on do I have to log into a no.
9 do I get it on my PC when will I get it basically thanks to John he basically responded to me by saying this the galaxy set is rolling out to all galaxy outfit owners throughout November 1st I’m not aware of any device restrictions as mentioned by Samsung if you aren’t seen the items by tomorrow let me.

Know and I’ll happily take a look so obviously one confirmation isn’t really enough proof so basically a lot of you were responding to me with similar responses from other epic stuff – thanks a lot Luke on our discord basically as you.

Say here Luke also got a response from another epic staff member basically saying that if you currently own the galaxy skin on your phone account.

The rest of the items will eventually come to you automatically within the next few days as you can understand we are talking thousands of players that are entitled to this new set so it might take a bit of time which is.
Completely understandable as.

Well as this my friend enhanced milk also.

Sent me a message where he also got a similar response basically confirming that within the next few days the skins will indeed come to all Galaxy skin current owners lockers so as you say David got response by saying the only thing you have to do is wait since you already have the galaxy skin the rest of the package will just get into your account.

After a few days how sick is that so even epic agree with us like it’s absolutely sick as you can imagine there all players just like us at home you know so yeah guys.

I just want to get this quick.

Little video out letting you all know that if you currently own the galaxy skin you will indeed get it within the next few days I hope you guys understand that there probably is thousands and close to millions probably trying to get this as well obviously a lot of people got the galaxy skin a while back and epic are indeed gonna be standing.

Out these skins within the next few hours hopefully maybe few days.

So yeah guys let me know down below in the comments how you feel about this are you excited let me know if you’ve got it yet as I’m still waiting right now however guys if I get it tomorrow I’ll let you all know as I’ll be doing probably a livestream or.

Maybe some gameplay but yeah also let me know down below in the comments how you guys got your Galaxy skins as I’m really interested.

Into seeing how many of you got it through going to the store or how many of you got it.

From buying the phone yeah guys thanks love fortune today’s video let me know your thoughts down below in the comments I’m super super super happy after hearing this good news cuz a lot of us thought that you had to go back on the device.

And it was a boy yeah guys we’re so happy that it’s literally just gonna appear in our locker within the next few hours if you guys are new around here I pretty much upload daily showing you guys the latest fortnight news on things like the galaxy skin what’s basically going on in the leaking community keeping you all connected with what’s going on you.

Know I try to give you guys proper content I’m not here I click beat you guys into anything so I hope you guys do consider subscribing thanks a lot for watching everyone and I’ll see you all in the next one peace.