10 Great Accessories For Panasonic G9 Gh5 G85

My most favorite exercise for Panasonic g9g h5g 85 or maybe even GH 5s as always time stems with links to purchase these products are in the description and there will also be a link to playlists to my other 10 great accessories videos I will start with my at the moment most favourite accessory for the g9 which is the.

Battery grip Panasonic cameras have generally very good handling and with battery grip you can further improve that already very good handling the gene island GH 5 are not small cameras anyway so I have the grip attached to my G 9 probably in 97 percent of the time it makes you think even more comfortable especially in landscape mode.

It has double controls it also holds that extra battery and it is fully weather sealed I have made a full review of this grip and it will.

Be linked in the description when I sonic also makes grips for GH 5 or GH 5s and G 85 g85 grip costs a lot compared to the price of the body but unlike the g 9 and g h5 grips it comes with.

Spare battery spare batteries also definitely must-have accessory I personally use original Hakam and putana premium batteries for both g9 and G 85 because these are available in Europe if you can get the vasa B power batteries those are also very good one spare battery could theoretically be enough if.

Shoot for long periods of time I generally recommend having at least two or three spare batteries gina unfortunately.

Comes with USB charger I really like this one because it is very travel friendly I think that gh 5s also comes with this.

One so if it wasn’t included with your GH 5 I highly recommend getting one I use it together with my favorite USB charger which is 60 watt.

Raw power 6 power charger it is great accessory if you need to charge multiple devices for example when you are traveling the g9 can also be charged.

Through the USB it unfortunately uses that micro USB 3 type B port but it can actually be charged using regular micro USB cable which means that you can also.

Use USB power bank 2 the camera on the go if you have the second battery in the grip it can charge the battery inside of the grip as.

Well I personally use Xiaomi 10,000 milliamp hour battery because I think that it is a good compromise between the capacity and the size also if you have that USB charger you can also use power bank.

To charge the battery that way on the.

Go regarding the SD cards I still use SanDisk Extreme Pro g9 and g h5 support you are just 2 SD cards so if you want to shoot in that 400 megabits per second codec or if you need fast buffer clearing UHS two cards are necessary especially if you are using 20 frames per second robot on the g9 you address two cars are unfortunately still very.

Expensive but I would probably still go with SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS to next time I recommend getting one small and fast primers to kind of compensate for the sensor size and also to take an advantage of the size of these lenses.
I have 20 millimeter F 1 point 7 Panasonic pancake glass.

Obstacle it is quite good but the autofocus in stills is unfortunately terrible with this lens strangely enough the autofocus with this lens works quite well in video but I.