10 Great Accessories For Panasonic G9 Gh5 G85

Would probably recommend like a 15 millimeter F 1 point 7 or Panasonic 25 millimeters F 1.
7 just because of that autofocus in stills you’ll probably want to get one.

Universal wide angle to short telephoto lens here I recommend either panasonic 12 to 16 millimetres f 2.

8 to for 12 to 16 millimeters F 3 point 5.

To 5 point 6 or 12 to 35 millimetres F 2.

8 my choice is 12 to 16 millimeters F 2.8 to 4 because for me it is the best compromise.

Between the size obstacle quality and the aperture if you need to.

Have constant aperture 12 to 35 millimeters will be the best option also for the low-light shooting the 12 to.

60 millimetres F 3 point 5 to 5 point 6 is still good budget option I have also made a comparison of those to 12 to 16 millimeter lenses and it will be linked in the description all inputs to all 240 millimeters F 2.

But I would personally go with some of the Panasonic zoom lenses because of that dual image stabilization next up is the tripod I have already shown this one in other videos.

It is so may 6 9 I see so it is the carbon fiber version it is very stable which is especially important if you are using that.

80 point 5 megapixel high resolution mode with the g9 the manipulation with this tripod is very quick and easy it comes with very good ball head with arca-swiss mount it can collapse into very small form factor and it also comes with this nice.

Bag so it is very suitable for.

Traveling overall I am very happy with this tripod and I will also make a full review of it in some occasions using the table tripod is more convenient so in that case I use either Manfrotto pixi Evo or Joby Gorillapod the pixi evo is easier to work with whereas the gorilla pod is more versatile both come with good ball heads but I probably.

Like the ball head on the pixi Evo a bit more gorilla pod is.

Available in many different sizes this one is the SLR zoom which is now being sold as gorilla pod 3k in different color scheme if you want more heavy duty option you can also go with gorilla pod 5k for audio recording I still use.

Rode videomic pro but now I would probably go with.

Video mic Pro Plus it is a bit bigger and more expensive but it can be turned on automatically with your camera the battery can be charged in mic through.

USB it has removable cable and it will probably have slightly better sound quality although video mic Pro is very good in this regard as well Panasonic cameras have generally good preamps so you can also use rode videomicro which is very small and doesn’t require batteries I will also make a review of that one soon last but not least I recommend getting high.

Quality strap for your camera my most favourite one at the moment is big designed slide light I have made for review of this.

Trip it will be linked in the description for heavy-duty setups I sometimes use the slide big design.

Strips are very well made and ice like how easy they are to mount on and off the camera so I do recommend big design straps so that’s it for this video thank.

You for watching I hope that you liked this video and that.

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