Baddie On A Budget | Aliexpress Accessories Try-on Haul | Dupe Designer Sunglasses | Part 1

Basically I’m a cheapskate I could save money when I can save money I’m lying yes hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Lauren ah you know what I was really getting sick of the hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Lauren so you know what hey guys what’s up it’s Lauren and today we’re.

Gonna do a new series on my channel called daddy yeah daddy on a budget okay because queens need to be saved.
And so and I think this one while I’m filming this one is gonna be about.

Accessories so like jewelry bad and some sunglasses that I’ve got from Aliexpress and honestly I thought my accessories really just ramped up your outfit and make it look a lot more expensive but.

Obviously on a budget because a sis is trying to save Queens you know we’re trying to save money so I’m just gonna jump straight into it and not even continue to ramble so I was wearing these sunglasses a lot throughout summer and I know every prop thinking here but Lauren it’s like there’s so.

Many more like why wouldn’t you do this before and I’ve already you show us the who when it was summer so.

That we could go and cop at the same time but don’t worry guys sunglasses after every season for every single season you can wear them do you not mean like just because it’s cold don’t mean the Sun each shine in and sometimes I mean you’re nobody wanted to do your makeup you don’t really want people to be up in your face and stuff so the first pair I got whether he’s big.
Kind of like drastic chic sunglasses and yeah I.

Love these I just feel like no I don’t want to give you my dad no do you not I mean I don’t really have much to say about these.

And they are really really good quality nice turtle shell tour toys so you call it I don’t even.

Know but and I loved him so much that I had to get them in any Orange have any on socials you would have seen that I was wearing this a lot in my holiday degrees I pretty much wore them and a lot of my snaps and I thought they give me I don’t know what.

Vibes do you finish mmm I feel quite hippy in these quiet again my keeps in the most chic but I just feel like oh I thought I have to be in.

Milan Oh do you know what it reminds me of the Fendi fashion show that just happened in Milan all those tones oh these are perfect for autumn these are perfect I might get another pair in a similar color I really like this burnt orange look yeah I’m feeling this so these are like the two big shades that I got that I feel a really versatile and I’d never really go out of fashion some kind.

Of futuristic ones these are like micro kind of sunglasses and you put them on and no one can see in your eyes so you can be pre and these are my premium sunglasses when I’m gonna be looking I’m actually yeah I just came to show you my sunglasses like by them as well they’re cheap and they look really good yeah what do you think yay or nay oh.

Yeah and yeah because I got another tortoiseshell and this kind of gave me Kourtney Kardashian vibes and out of water the Kardashian she has the best style don’t at me don’t at me yeah I said it and it’s the truth once again these are very Italian kind.

Of bitch get out of my lane get out your feelings getting your bag each of the sunglasses.