Baddie On A Budget | Aliexpress Accessories Try-on Haul | Dupe Designer Sunglasses | Part 1

Are really really really well-made they’re cheap and because basically I’m so excited I can’t even talk I’m like these are kind of like the Joop of a mere fashion designer remember his name but I remember seeing kendall Jenner Veronese yeah and they’re super expensive the real ones are super duper.

Expensive like 200 pounds I don’t there before 4 pounds did a happy I am yeah micro sunglasses were a.
Big thing in the summer and I’m still.

Gonna bang it out in autumn and maybe maybe winter as well you know what I like it I like the trend you can’t really they’re not practical they’re definitely not practical sunglasses because look you guys are gonna laugh at me but if you won’t like this sis where is you.

Going and I look like free blind mice where’s my stick I don’t like the free bar nice I mean it’s perfect for Adam in costume but no hmm no yes come food come from I’m free I don’t need to be perfect if you were going to like pitch Sunday or something and you just wanted to spice up.

Perspex little handbag just catching the vibe of your little cocktail excuse me and then the last pair of sunglasses I got was the same as those red ones but in black and these are a lot more versatile.

Yeah so these are my current favorite sunglasses I was banging them out all of summer I’m really intruding I should have come to you in the summer but you know what we’re here.
Now but elect them never so.

This is an autumn kind of baddie on a budget accessories cool for you random dough.
No honey we’ve not done so moving on to.

Bags this season we kind of saw a lot of belt.

Bags going on and I was tempted to buy one from pretty.

Little thing until I looked on Aliexpress and thought this one but cheap don’t judge my nails but yeah I really liked like the textile effect on it I don’t know if it’s crocodile brain I’m not but the reptile print and it just sits from your waist really nicely I wore this to love box and I was a picture or if I.

Don’t have one I’ll I’ll insert something so you can see how it looks on this it’s really nicely and there’s a lot of space inside we’re not a lot but there’s enough like what.

What do we need to carry like that I mean it’ll put your makeups your your your iPhone your Android a door discriminates your cards yeah and they’re just magnetic adjusts you fit it slap it just slaps just yes secure so that’s why I like this bag with all of the pieces I show you they’re very relatable still they’re very on trend and fashionable and you can.

Probably go on to any high street store online or on the street and find.

These items that I’ve showed you for maybe double or triple the price I got it for and I should have been more organized.

And detangled at my jewelry my joy from aliexpress that my necklace is especially for a long time so the first what I’m gonna show you that is this crucifix it’s like really small and then I have my Africa pendant which.

I’ve actually had for absolutely ages and then I have a saint emblem kind of.

Necklace yeah so those are the three necklaces that I have from Aliexpress to sunglasses and the belt bag and in total after workout of two and put it on the screen somewhere for you but honestly look um I’m Aliexpress and other websites for cheap option this just makes.

I’m saving money yeah so this was just some of the tips and little secrets that I’ve got of how I kind of add accessories to my outfit on a budget.

But still like a buddy and save my coins my coins stay in my pocket so yeah that’s.

Basically it for part one and I’ve got another series coming after this and I hope you stay to enjoy and I really hate to enjoy this video I’m rambling I will.

See you on my next one if you like this video like it subscribe comment and if you’ve got any tips and secrets I’d love to know so leave them in the comment box below.