Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

Welcome to the Bethel Church sermon of the week we hope you enjoy this message by Chris Valentin for more information about this podcast and other resources please visit by bethel work I’ve been doing a series on empowering women actually I did a series some years ago about three years ago on called something Oh God’s most beautiful creation and.

I did I think five or six weeks five or six week series but I didn’t.

Teach on the theology of Paul’s letters to the Corinthians into to Ephesus through Timothy and Titus that Creed and.

Through some circumstances which I’m not going to go through again because I taught this morning first session and it was terrible and he decided I’m there is no wisdom in the second kick.

Of a mule I’m not going to do that twice so instead of reiterating everything I taught two weeks ago I did part two I did I did part one two weeks ago of the theology of empowering women and I thought it was came out pretty.

Good last week two weeks ago you can get online and get that I think it’s still online for free and I did I talked about the book of Corinthians and Paul’s though and we spent much time.

On Paul’s exhortation in 1st Corinthians 14 for women to remain silent in the church and how many of you got a chance to hear that yeah I don’t say this about my teaching very often but it happened to be pretty good so so and I Kathy can tell you that I was not excited about teaching it but I felt from the Lord that I was to do that what I did in first service was I asked how many.

People were didn’t hear that and over half the people hadn’t heard it and so I thought I said I’m gonna do some review and I reviewed till the last three minutes of.

The message and then just thought that was I’m not doing that people need to come to church I’m joking about the people need to come to church part my just felt like it was all repeat and I don’t want to do that so there’s some really good foundation that you need you really.

Need to have that the the challenge is is that this piece that I’m about to teach it actually fits together with another piece that kind of lays not kind of it does lay line upon line and.

Precept upon precept and so it’s going to be a little bit.

Of a like whoa how about this verse this and this and he hasn’t addressed that and probably most of that was addressed in the session I.

Did two weeks ago and so I’m really sorry that you’re not going to get that you can also get this book called fashion to reign.

I’m not trying to sell books I am actually but but not at this moment this has everything I’m teaching in it much better than I’m teaching it.

Publicly and it has a whole bunch of references and it references Greek and Hebrew scholars and people that I’ve quoted and so anyway with someone like this book awesome you can buy in the bookstore just give this book to somebody would you.

Just it’s your birthday yeah it’s her birthday too so just give it to maybe you should give it to a guy guys should read.

That book I mean actually I think men should read that book more than women because we’re the ones who have issues most the time all the time in my marriage anyway I I had this experience I want.