Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

About this experience several years ago Danny and I were in Latin America I really don’t want you to know the country so I’m changing some of the details on purpose but the the root of the story is absolutely true but the some of the details I have intentionally changed so that you won’t know where it is because because it’s it’s the context that it’s the content that I actually want.

You to know so we are in a Latin American country and we are doing a conference together and and and and I was to be the opening speaker at this very large network of churches and by the way speak a lot of Latin American network of churches so you know you may remember one.

Trip I was on and I’m like yeah well it’s probably not the one you think I hope it’s not the one you think you’re probably hoping it’s.

Not the one I thought you think and so anyway the night before I you know Danny and I’d flown over there together and we kind of talked through what we were going to share and did all that and and then the night before the conference we got there the night before and I and I had a very vivid dream and I had this dream so I don’t know why Christ got too close to build no no no like cry all the time used to be.
Able to be hard hearted okay we’re gonna be fine I’m good now I can.

Just do it okay so so how’s this very vivid dream and I dream by the way almost every night I have a night life and I actually get paid the dream you know I’m profits.

So a lot better than talking to people and uh and in this dream I saw I knew that I knew the dream I knew I was in.

Latin America in this dream and I saw these women they were in their homes and there they were all bound they were all they were in tattered clothes and they were that is some of them worked were tied up and they were just super restrictive and and there’s a lot more detail to the dream but just just you’ll get the jest of it and it was just like.

All over like I could see into the homes of entire countries and I could see the women were they were we were oppressed they were suppressed they were reduced and they were.
Reified misidentified and then all over and it’s kind of like.

A Google view of a of the map you know when you can Google back and see like whole continents it’s crazy because I could see whole countenance but at the same time.

I could see specific areas and I saw church bells ringing you know like the old church bells they’ve had enough like those in the chapels I started seeing and hearing in the dream.

Church bells ringing and as the church bells rang women begin it was like a is like a supernatural summoning and women began to come out of their houses into the streets and they were bound.

And they were tattered and they were broken and they were depressed and discouraged and their heads were down and they began to make their way towards the church and as they made their way towards the church that as they got closer to the the physical building of church their their their just their their their bonds just began to come off like just just fall to the ground like no one’s touching down this began to.