Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

Fall to the ground and there there are tired begin to change just and they began to be dressed in in in white satin’ in and beautiful garments and their faces began to shine and and as they and the church the doors of the front Church of the door the front doors of the church were were open out all over all over Latin America the front doors to the church were open and there was two Thrones I know sounds a little weird just try.

To bear with me there was two Thrones and there was a man sitting on one throne and there was a there was the other throne was empty and it was dusty and it was no one it was beautiful but it.

Obviously had ever either ever been sat in or having been sat in for years and in my in the dream I knew that that was.

The woman’s place and so as they.

Entered into these these chapels these churches as the women entered they the the man.

That the men who were all on these like Thrones with a throne next to them Thrones – strong word but something like that place of authority they they had these scepters they were they were like red long beautiful with red scepter on the top and they began to.

Hand these red scepters to the women and as they hand them to the women that and invite them.

The men went over an and physically dust dusted the chair off and hanison the scepter and and the women would would sit on the seat on the throne throne like seat and when the man sat down another scepter.

From heaven with that was blue was handed to him and then the dream the vision part of the dream ended and I began to hear a conversation between God and somebody I don’t know who he was talking to but but the calm but the converse it was like two people talking one of them was God God said Latin America is going to experience the greatest revival in.

Of their country or or and it was like a warning like a feminist movement that.

Will be worse than any feminist movement in the in the history of the world and the church will has an opportunity to make a difference between the church can cut off this IIIi know we let me fix this part and it it it was like there was a demonic spirit.

Speaking let’s how it started and the demonic spin and I could hear this demonic plan about women rising up in rebellion and taking their.

Rightful place and and the Lord said the worst feminist movement the world’s ever seen is about to arise but I have a plan and that in the vision was the plan God said but but my church is going to intervene stand in.

The place in power women to the rightful role and and and then I began to realize that the enemy.

Developed a plan that was trying to thwart the plan that God had already had and that was to empower women all over Latin America and to put them in the rightful.

Place and that the greatest revival in Latin America would come through empowering women and through the unity of men and women so anyway long long much longer the story that I even told him that was already long so we go to.

We had been there before I had been there years before so I had.

A good idea that these these this network of churches did not allow women did not have a very high place for women especially when it came to any kind of teaching no authority anything like that and so um we did the first session I.

Think Danny ended up doing the first session and at lunchtime they they gathered all the leaders of the network and they you know when we sat for lunch and obviously through translators I said you have anything that you’d like to share with us.

And you know I’d already shared with Danny on the way to church and he just looked at me like oh why do I always travel with you and find pain you know so so I they said you know do you have anything and you know I we kind of looked at each other and Danny looked it over at me like you know okay you know we’ll do this.

I’ll fall on the sword with you you know so there was about 12 or 15 leaders sitting at this large table and everybody was laughing and joking and they really love us they love Danny and I and and Danny’s session was amazing first session was amazing and so I said well I have something but I don’t think you’re gonna like it and they said was it from the Lord and I said I believe it is from there on it when she went downhill.

So I shared the dream with them in more detail than I just shared with you and and it was obviously again through translator and it just got completely and totally silent and so we sat there and you know I wanted to hold hands with Danny Danny just looking down like this it got completely and totally silent and we sat there for you know it seemed like eternity I’m sure.

It was three or four or five minutes and uh nobody said anything and we were.

Also having lunch so I just put my.

Head down with eating and I’m like you know it’s one of those things like I wish I wouldn’t have done that actually and.

So well the head of the of the.

Networks he stood up at the table and he said I don’t believe this is the word of the Lord and women.

Have their place their place is not in leadership and he just started going off all the.

Stuff so I’m like I don’t know what to do from here I know what I would do at my house but I don’t know what I was supposed to do at your house so he just went on to say that he felt like that was not that we were to judge prophecy and that wasn’t a prophecy from God and and that.

Women have the rightful place in and basically that they’re not allowed to teach or exercise authority over man so obviously they wouldn’t have a throne like place or authority in the church so I kind of sat there for a while and you know I kept looking over Danny but he was looking down she’s trying.

To like listens get some synergy over what we’re gonna do here and finally finally I just said well sir it’s okay for you to be wrong it’s okay for you to.

Be wrong we can still be friends well that wasn’t working and um so the short story was we ended up in a very strong conversation that we were having with the table that many of the Latin American a lot I mean yeah people got involved in the leaders I was very passionate discussion that they were not winning and so they said so we we left.

From that lunch and they said do not teach this or share this vision with any of our people publicly and of course we wouldn’t do that so we said no problem we won’t do that and when I told them by the way I wouldn’t have shared this if you didn’t.

Ask me do you have something you ask so I told you and so anyway but by dinner that next that evening but you know they were than we’re not in a good mood and uh and they said we’re gonna fly our theologian in to meet with you tomorrow morning we’re going to cancel the morning session.

To meet with you and Daniel this is.

Not gonna be fun and I said to him listen believe whatever you want you asked me for the word I gave you what I got for a word you know we don’t need to do this and they like we need to do this some light alright so so they did he came they.

Flew him in there their top theologian Greek something Hebrew whatever barely English you know so and he spoke English which was great so we so you.

Know and we they canceled the morning session and we end up in this meeting and uh he’s a very.

Big man and we’re sitting down and he stands up and he begins to you not ask me he begins to exhort me in my defiance of being true to the Scriptures and so I not went on for about seven or eight minutes and I frankly was pretty getting angry sure that’s shocking through all of you and I finally said to him you know what you.

Actually don’t know what you’re talking about and he said he kind of went back like and I said I’m you know here’s the challenge I’ve been to your churches and the women speak in your churches I seen them talk when they come through the doors I see them talking like I was in this conference today and your women were talking in.

The church and actually the Bible says women keeps silent in the church they are not allowed to speak and yet your women talk and also they even sing I’ve seen him lead worship.

They sing in church which is a lot like talking so I.

Him and so I and I opened up the first Corinthians 14 and I read verbatim exactly the scripture that he was trying to point out that and I said actually he wasn’t pointing out the silence scripture he was.

Pointing out timothy scripture which we’ll talk about in a couple minutes and i read for him to.

Him verbatim women should not speak in the church they’re forbidden to speak in the church that they have any questions let him ask their husband for a woman is not permitted to speak but remain silent in the church so I read that to.

Him and I said you believe the Bible he said yes I said that’s funny because you’re not following it so you have a problem because you’re trying to tell me that you believe in the authority.

Of the Bible and yet your women get to speak in your churches he said well that doesn’t mean speak I said really Wow my Bible says speak what does your say he said speak but it doesn’t.

Mean speak Austin so what you’re saying is is that you’ve decided that that Paul had some context to what he was saying and therefore you can’t.

You you can’t specifically in the way it was written apply it to your church is that true he said that’s right yeah Paul was talking about and he gave the the traditional view that women were on one side of the church and.