Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

Men on the other and that when women wanted to know what when they had questions they were yelling.

Across the aisle and therefore Paul was addressing that specific issue and that’s why I told women they weren’t supposed to speak I said.

That’s funny because none of that’s in the Bible nothing about women being on one side Paul didn’t say hey you’re.

On one side you’re on the other please stop talking across the aisle I said so what you’re saying is is that you believe.

There was some context to that and that’s why you feel free to to modify the context because you realize that that actually wouldn’t work in your.

Churches and it probably wouldn’t work in any church anywhere and it.

Probably isn’t what happened at the Corinthian.

Women did speak because they got the prophesy and they got to and they got to pray and we know that because the first Corinthians 11 which comes from before first Corinthians 14 Paul said that women can pray and prophesy as long as they’re in.

Right order and in first Corinthians 12 and 14 he said you can all prophesy and he was talking to men and women we know that because the book of Corinthians was actually written to.

Both male and female so you’ve smart enough to figure out the context of Paul’s exhortation and you have you have stayed with the spirit of the word but now you take this word about Timothy that women can’t teach your exercise authority and you decide that you you have redefined you have you felt permission to apply that apply that specifically to your congregation but first Corinthians 14 you’ve decided that it’s okay to have to give it context uh sir that’s very interesting that you get to choose so so when it fits your doctrine you.

Get to choose to read it this way when it doesn’t fit your doctrine you get to choose to read it that way that’s a very interesting context he looks to me he said well.

You just don’t understand the Bible I said no you I think you or the one is having a problem here and we ended up in four more hours discussion at which Danny mostly prayed we left his friends and we have been invited back with the subject uh.

Please do not give that prophetic word to anyone and so I just I want to talk a little bit about Timothy’s word and set it in its context and tell you what I think.

And why I think that and and.

Honestly again I’m not really not trying to sell books but the book does a much better job and you haven’t heard part 1 and part 2.

So you’re hearing part 3 without a whole bunch of foundation so.

I don’t know if you haven’t heard that how how much influence this is going to have on you so let’s read it first Timothy chapter 2.

Verse 11 through 15 these are Paul’s exhortation to Timothy and he writes a woman.

Must a woman must quietly receive instruction in with the entire submissiveness I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man but to remain quiet for it was Adam who was.

First created listen to the reasoning for his Adam who was first created and then Eve and it was Adam he was not Adam who was deceived.