Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

But it was the woman being deceived she fell into transgression but women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sankt and sanctity with self-restraint okay.

So let me give you a little context and I I gave this context in in the last session but you need.

It for the book of Timothy – first of all let me just explain a couple things Paul wrote to three different cultures he wrote to Roman culture Jewish culture and Greek culture he wrote nine letters he wrote thirteen letters to nine.

Different geographic locations and he had something to say about women in authority in only three and only three geographic locations and they those three geographic locations had one thing in common they all had a Greek goddess as the senior god of their City so Paul’s writing to Timothy Timothy is the senior leader of the Church of Ephesus who has Artemis or Diana same same God and she’s the god of fertility she’s a multi breasted statue and she’s.

Thought to be the one that is the mother of creation.

She’s the mother creation by the way there is.

No father because in Greek mythology the goddess.

Is / gods so they had male gods and they had goddesses and the goddesses had more power than the gods because all of that all of nature came through mother earth came through mother God are you with me so this is the there’s much.

More to it but for this that’s the short version.

So Timothy is pastoring this church in Ephesus which is really the capital of polytheism in the area of Greek mythology and this is a.

Very famous city and women one of the things that happen is that women would come to the city specifically to have their children they they came to the city to.

Have their children because the death rate among women and not just.

The mortality of the tub the birth rate of children but the death rate among women when they gave birth to children was so high that that Greek women would come to Ephesus because art emmaus.

Would protect them through childbirth you get that so many of the Greek women wouldn’t convert to Christianity because they were afraid that they would die when they were bearing children which is why Paul says that women will be preserved through the bearing of children the word preserved is.

Actually the word saved they will.

Be saved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith love and sanctity and the point he’s making will start.

Theirs because it’s very simple to explain is that they no longer need arts Maius if they receive Jesus Christ they are saved not save like go to heaven of course that’s true it’s not like if you give if you bear children you’ll get saved how many know that would be a weird doctrine and so but he’s saying to the women he’s saying to Timothy tell the women of Ephesus that they don’t need the goddess of our Timaeus to.

Keep them safe they will be saved through cha they will be preserved they will be kept safe they will be so the word – so.

Saved through childbirth and therefore all they need to do is trust in God and have a great relationship with him and there is no problem.