Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

They won’t die as they’re bearing children so that’s been taught us all kinds of weird things but that’s what that means now the second part.

Is is probably the more contested part and that is.

A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man now here’s part of the struggle that we have and I’ll get back to that that verse in in a minute but here’s.

Part of the struggle we have with that when in Acts chapter 2 verse 17 we have the Holy Spirit being poured out and the specific exhortation and prophecy – – – through through Peter quoting the book of Joel is in the last days I’ll pour out my spirit on all mankind get this this is radical your sons and your daughters shall prophesy now this was this was the beginning Proclamation of the first out point.

Of the spirit it came with sons and daughters young men and old men bond servants and wealthy people in other words God said I’m gonna move on everybody I’m gonna move on everybody and then so so it’s we’re talking about the move.

Of the Spirit this move of the Spirit was on everybody and when we talk about women not being able to teach your exercise authority and I I want to first of all show you that that was to a specific church because of a specific problem because for instance if you’ll turned it chapter 18 of Acts verse 24 let me give you just some idea now now a Jew named Apollo sand at Alexandria.

By birth eloquent man a man it came to Ephesus came to Ephesus and he was mighty in the scriptures did you see where.

He came to he came to Ephesus where Timothy was who that was the same city that Paul wrote to and said I don’t allow a.

Woman to teach her exercise authority are you with me so he’s at Ephesus and he’s teaching this man was instructed this man had been instructed in the way of the Lord and being fervent in spirit he was speaking and teaching accurately the things concerning Jesus be acquainted only.

With the baptism of John and he began to speak out boldly in the synagogue.

But when Priscilla and Aquila heard him they they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately now.

Of you understand we have a great man of God speaking the word accurately but he only knew the baptism of John and it says Priscilla name first in this case and Aquila her husband took him aside and.

Taught him how many you know that if man couldn’t teach if a woman couldn’t teach a man then Priscilla would not be named there we go on to acts 21 verse 8 it says that Philip had four prophetess daughters some of your Bibles decide to change the word prophetess to well prophecy for daughters who prophesied but actually it actually says that he had for prophetess daughters now why is that interesting well first of all that’s not there’s.

Not much argument there because we know there are all their Old Testament prophecies prophetess is we had Anna we had Deborah we had many alt f2 Old Testament prophecies but what’s interesting is in the.

New Testament how many of you know that there’s a new role for the Prophet in the New Testament how many you understand that Ephesians chapter 4 said he gave some as apostles and some as.

Prophets and some as evangelists some as pastors and teachers to do what to equip the Saints to do the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ until we all attain the unity of faith the knowledge of the Son of God to the to the measure of the stature that belongs to the fullness of Christ what’s the point I’m making apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers but apostles and prophets equip the Saints to do the work of service now how many of.

You understand that there is no exclusion for a female prophetess in other words if prophets equip this.

The Saints then certainly profit assists get included in that because there is no male or female in Christ and how do prophets equip the Saints they teach them they equip them and if you go on to read the rest of your fusions for from verse 11 on you’ll see that it is the prophets and the apostles and evangelists pastors of.

Teachers that equip the Saints and there’s about seven.

Or eight mention by name prophet is’s in the New Testament and there’s.

Four right here Philip who is the only named evangelist had four daughters who were prophetess is now how many of you understand that first of all if you are prophetess and you’re equipping the Saints the first thing you have to do is talk so the whole thing that women can’t speak in church would be a bummer because.

You would have to go outside the church to speak and if you’re supposed to equip the Saints then how many know your ministry wouldn’t just be outside the.

Church it’d be inside the church and so we have we have in Luke chapter 2 you can write these down if you like verse 36 we have an of.

The prophecies Providence we have in Exodus 15 we have Miriam the prophetess in Deborah I’m sorry in judges chapter.

We have Deborah the prophetess who’s also the judge of Israel now for those of.

You that don’t know a lot about the Old Testament the judge means she was in charge she was the head of the country the prime minister the president the king are you with me the Queen in this case there was no Queen’s in those days so whoever was the judge was in charge of the country does it make sense that a woman in.

The Old Testament by God’s call could be the leader of a country but she couldn’t be an.

Elder in a church of 50 you just think through that okay I’m getting back I’ll get back to what’s what the issue is and it just goes on second Kings 22 there’s another prophetess mentioned in Romans chapter 16 verse 7 paul greets a junus and says my kinsmen and my fellow prisoner who are outstanding among the apostles and who are also in.

Christ before me and so he greets a woman junus it’s there is no debate whether it’s a man or woman some of your Bible say there’s well this could be a man you have to change it.

Be like calling a man sue you have to really be convinced that women can’t be apostles to make junus.

A man’s name it would be very odd it wouldn’t be like calling Chris calling him Chris and that could be for a man.

Or woman this is a woman’s name and it said and Paul it greets her as somebody who’s great among the Apostles are you with me and so and then you know there’s.

Other things that are pretty awesome like how many think that Timothy is pretty awesome do you know where he got his faith not from his father from his grandmother and his mother.

So how many of you understand that when Timothy gets this exhortation.

About women teaching and exercising authority how many know it’s his.

Mother and grandmother who taught him the ways of God it was Jesus who listened to his mother and told and said make wine when he said this isn’t my time and.

She said listen to your mother that was the son of God it’s proverbs 6 this is the Old Testament I mean he isn’t the New.

Testament more empowering to everybody than the Old Testament yes or no yes.

Proverbs 6 20 my son observed the commandments of your father and do not forsake the teaching of your mother proverbs 3 31 the words of King Lamia the Oracle which his mother taught him now how many of you love proverbs 31 ladies you should all have your.

Hands up right probably less unless you’re like she’s a workaholic so I’m not raising my hands depends on how you read it well I don’t know if you and if you know this but the name of the mule means belonging to God and throb herbs one starts out with these are the Proverbs of Solomon King the meal is that.

Is the nickname it’s kind of the son of nicknamed.

It it’s it’s a it’s a name it’s another name for Solomon in other words proverbs 31 King Lemuel is it was Solomon and his mother was Bathsheba and how many know she had a few things to say about how Kings behave because she ended up in an adulterous relationship that killed her first husband that she loved so she had some good instruction for this new king proverbs 31 is what.

Bathsheba taught Solomon hello the wisest man in the world included it in his book of wisdom what his mother bathsheba taught him galatians chapter 3 verse 28 says there’s knit there’s neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free there’s needed male or female for we are all one in Christ Jesus how many of you know.

That when we are in Christ were all one in Christ Jesus so let’s go back and just quickly over the next few minutes just.

Talk through a few of the translations of the verses first of all when paul says to timothy a woman must must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness i do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man the first thing is the well I’ll skip to this part the word authority.

I do not allow a woman to exercise authority is the very it’s very interesting because then in the in the Bible there’s 47 words for the word Authority.

There’s 47 different words for the word Authority the word Authority used in Timothy when Paul says to Timothy I don’t allow a woman to exercise authority but that’s the only time that word authorities used in the entire Bible and that word originally meant.

Let me see if I can I’m sure I have it right here that word originally meant to murder with one’s own.

Suicide as time passed it meant the one who acts on his own authority or governs or exercises Dominion it came later on to affect later on it it meant I’m sorry that’s good enough there’s more to it than that but the point is is that if Paul would have met Authority like.

He had 46 other words to choose from he could have said you know I don’t allow a woman to exercise authority in other words I don’t allow a woman to be in charge of anything he would have used a different word this word meant – it began from it came.

From the root word to mean to slap with the back of the hand and it meant that it meant to be dominant and that and it also meant that that the origin of authority came from women now all of that sounds totally weird unless you understand that this is a Greek city with the.

Goddess Artemis and women ruled men in this city the Greeks elevated women to a place where they ruled over society that’s why you’ll notice in the book of Acts Paul encounters the woman at Lydia who has purple garments and it says and she was very influential in her city how many know you don’t have influential women in Jewish cities you don’t.

Have influential women in Roman cities yet we influential women in Greek cities because the Greek women ruled men and they believed that Authority flowed from women to men when Paul talks about to Timothy that.

And his his the context of his this.

I don’t allow a woman to teach or exercise authority but to receive instruction for it was listeners for.

It was Adam who was first created then Eve why does he say that I just told you because Greek mythology said the woman was created first and listen why does it matter.

Who’s created first it matters in Greek mythology because they thought women had authority over men because they recreated first so Paul is correcting a specific situation in which women were trying to take their role in the church like they did in the temple of Diana where they exercised domination over men and they were still trying to take their cultural domination that was still prevalent at Ephesus in Corinth and also at creed where they were in charge of men and they brought it into the church and they would say to the men.

Listen we were created first and Paul said listen no they weren’t created first it was Adam who was first created.

And then Eve are you with me the point he’s trying to make and then he goes on to say it wasn’t Adam who was but it was Eve how many you know Adam wasn’t deceived he just disobeyed I don’t know what’s worse being deceived or knowing what you’re doing is wrong and doing it anyway what we do know what’s worse because we’re under the sin of Adam not the sin of Eve so he isn’t saying no let me make this.

Point he isn’t saying listen Adam was more righteous than Eve he was saying these women who are telling you that they should have dominion over you and have authority over you are wrong and remember Eve was deceived are you kidding me he’s not talking about all women in general are deceived forever because how many of you know there’s more men to see than there are women look at our prisons they’re not full of women they’re full of men do you know that ninety eight point four percent of all violent crimes done in America are.