Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

Done by men listen what is the devil’s plan steal kill destroy who’s doing that better I’m not saying women are inherently righteous I’m just saying in culture who creates more destruction men and women this.

Is not even close it’s not an argument had someone come up and argue with me well they’re both sinners I’m not talking about sin I’m talking about who creates more destruction.

How many women have started wars let me just think.

Through it you know how many how many women were.

At the crucifixion how many women crucified Jesus none who’s all men.

Gonna make a case that you know what women aren’t you know they’re just more easily deceived no his point is that these women who are trying.

To dominate you who are coming out of coming out of Greek mythology and coming into the church and saying we should have this place where we dominate you he’s saying listen remember Eve was deceived and so are.

These women and therefore I don’t allow them to teach her exercise authority why because then they’re filter are you with me because women taught everywhere in.

The New Testament women tois they prophesied they were they were prophetess is they equip the Saints there’s a specific problem that Paul’s dealing with just like my friend was right about Corinthians he was right to not he was right that there was context for women women be silent in the church there.

Was context for that and I taught a.

Whole session on that he was right my friend if my latin-american friend was right he’s.

Right about that there was context there is no reason why a woman shouldn’t be able to speak in church because the rest of the book of Corinthians says that a woman can prophesy she can she can she can pray in church as long as she’s in.

Right order so there’s no reason in 1st Corinthians 14 that after 14 chapters are telling saying you can all prophesy you can all encourage you can all teach me and then he goes on before this verse and he says when when you come together in Corinthians he says when you come together.

Each one has a teaching has a psalm has a an encouraging an encouragement this is written to men and women it doesn’t make sense than in 1st Corinthians 14 he would suddenly say well you but you can’t speak hey each one has a teaching each one used to say each man he said each one so my friend is.

Right there’s a context Paul speaking – a context I don’t agree with my friend’s idea of the context but my point is it was right for him to say are you speaking into a specific issue here’s my point so was Timothy Paul was when Paul wrote to Timothy.

He was speaking to a specific issue he was speaking to people coming out of Greek mythology and in that culture and that’s the only place that Paul restricted women is in Greek culture where you follow me 39 40 authors authored the Bible 39 of them.

Empower women one of them spoke to specific situations in which they restricted or seen the restrict women one author three scriptures and we’ve made a whole culture out of it for 2,000 years yeah nervously we’re laughing and the.