Bill Johnson – The Theology Of Empowering Women

Women are all just wanting to jump and jump up and shout list of this all in with this verse this is psalm 68:11 the lord gives the command the women who proclaimed the good tidings our great host this is the Old Testament man come on the Lord gives the command the women who proclaimed good tidings are a great host kings of armies flee they flee all of us who are married we understand this all of us men were married we.

Get this kings of armies flee they flee and she who remains at home will divide the spoil when you lie down among the sheet folds you will be like the wings of a dove covered with silver and it’s opinions with glistening gold when they when the almighty scattered the kings there it was snowing at Zelman I lava the Lord gives the command and the women proclaim the glad tidings and they are a great hosts and it Kings flee from them.

Word right there why don’t you stand up Jesus doesn’t just love women he empowers him people.

Say things like how come there’s 12.

Disciples and they are all men listen if you put a woman in charge of something in Jewish culture no one would follow they oppress women and thought they were possession it wouldn’t even make sense in fact they’ve probably.

Things are just dumb but how many know without a title jesus definitely taught women and women definitely taught men.

As a matter of fact it was the woman at the well that went to Samaria and said you got to hear what this guy told me how many know she was teaching how many when Jesus rose from the dead none of his disciples were there none not one after Jesus three and a half years of teaching hey guys I’m gonna die.

But on the third day you ready oh I’m coming out of.

The grave oh yeah they believed him not one person.

Showed up at the grave on the third day except for a woman yep it’s a woman and you know what she did she had to go teach the men hey remember what he said I just saw Jesus what no way how many of you.

Know there was still 11 disciples left because Judas had hung himself how many disciples even checked out the tomb after Mary told him I saw Jesus he’s alive only two people ran back to the tomb Peter and John.

What happened to the other nine what am I getting that I’m saying whose spiritual oh you know us man you know we got to be leading the church we know more about the things of God you missed the resurrection I mean please stop if it wasn’t.

For women you’d still be looking around in the empty tomb wondering what the heck happened to you I mean if nothing.

Else I mean just hit your head against the wall.

And say wake up you know this is some of the things we just do are just stupid I mean and we create doctrines to to empower what we believe you know or to make sure that.

Our wife you know you stay in line the Bible says right here it’s like well a woman should be a man should be in charge of the house well what if the woman is 30 years old the.

A brand new believer who’s gonna know more about what God wants yeah well she does anyway if you throw the same age the truth is I’m joking about that part I’m just silly stuff we do in the name of I want to keep the Word of God all three verses.

How about the rest of the Bible how about the rest of the Bible why don’t we take the whole context of the Bible we’re saying the Bible contradicts itself no I’m saying that the.

Bible speaks to context and if you take out of context you can make it say whatever you want it.

To say so let’s pray right now if there’s a woman next to you put your hands on her shoulder you have to say that in California be appropriate so right now let’s just pray for the women here in the name of Jesus I’ll just say this in the name of Jesus we Commission you into.

Your destiny we don’t want you to be a man we don’t want you to lead like a man we need you to be a matriarch a mother a queen and a.

Leader amongst us and we need your help please help us Jesus please help them help us and forgive us for the way we’ve sinned against women for generations in Jesus name Amen there you thanks for listening to the sermon of the week be sure to visit Bethel TV for other.

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