New Bethel Church Sermon For 07/22/18

Today’s text Brent will be teaching about as Matthew seven one two five judge not that you be not judged for with a judgment you pronounce you will be judged and with the measure you use it will be measured to you why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye but not notice the log that is.
In your own eye or how can you say to your brother let me take the.

Speck out of your eye when there.

Is a log in your own eye you hypocrite first take the log out of your own.

Eye and you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye let’s pray a gracious and healthy father Lord we.

Come to you thanking you for this day that you have given us you have given us breath and life to glorify your name and to seek your face and everything that we do father I pray that you will bless Brent as he comes with this.

Message exposing this your word to us God to draw us closer to you father let us prepare our hearts let’s prepare our minds and let us.

Have an attitude god of seeking you seeking your face God and everything that we do father we thank you we love you and we give.

And glory to you and everything that we do amen good morning trying to get such a way there we go so we come down to week number four of the.

Series called rethink in which we are rethinking some of the most misquoted Bible passages in.

The Bible we’re picking 10 there could be more than that but we’re picking 10 in particular the reason why we’re focusing on this for once again is because I want us to get into our minds the ideal of proper biblical interpretation and when I say proper biblical interpretation what I mean.

By that is the means by which.

We understand and we apply the Bible to our life and we’ve been discussing that there’s as Christian Christian Christianity in general there are some basic problems when it comes to biblical interpretation one is that people don’t read the Bible to even know what it says in the first place sometimes people interpret the Bible through denominational lenses sometimes people read into the Bible what they want.

The Bible to say instead of what it actually is saying instead of living to say what it says but one of the greatest problems that people do is they take the Bible out of context and again to keep the.

Bible in context means to read each to see.

How good you are this this is a 4th week now read each one verse in light of.

The sentence that it’s in each sentence in light of the chapter each chapter in light of the book that it’s in each book of the Bible in light of the Bible as a help in the Bible in context when you.

Do that you let the Bible speaks for itself you’re not trying to interject things or take things out of there so when a person takes a verse out of.

Context like we’ve been looking at and you pull a certain verse without looking at the certain sentences in the chapter.

That it’s in two things can.

Happen either you can make it mean what you what you want it to mean or you can make it not mean what it is actually saying two things when that happens the danger is it can produce a false hope and a false promises to people when we use those verses to claim things over people when those verses aren’t what those.

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