Andy Woods Explaining The 7 Reasons To Trust The Pre-tribulation Rapture

All right good morning everybody if we could take our Bibles open them to the Book of Jeremiah chapter 30 and verse 7 the you know I was thinking about this not too long ago I don’t have a single problem in my life that the rapture wouldn’t fix so that’s why I’m excited to talk about this all the problems.

Are gone if the rapture occurs.

But we’re dealing with here 7 reasons for the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine we’re getting into the question of when is it October 3rd.

No I’m just kidding when there’s a debate as I’ll show you in a minute relative to the coming Tribulation Period Christians have a big debate about when the rapture is so amongst people who believe in a Tribulation Period and a kingdom that follows there’s probably about 4 views on the rapture timing when pre-tribulation ilysm which is.

The view I represent mid-tribulation ilysm post tribulation ilysm and then pre-wrath rapture ISM that’s what it looks like on a chart pre-tribulation ilysm is the view that the rapture will occur before the tribulation period even begins mid-tribulation ilysm is the view the rapture will occur in the middle of the tribulation post tribulation ilysm is the view.

That the rapture will occur towards the end or at the end of the tribulation period and if all of that weren’t complicated enough you have another view that comes along called pre-wrath rapture ISM where they sort of put the rapture in the middle of the second half of the tribulation period sometimes called 3/4 rapture because the church will be here for roughly three-quarters of the Tribulation Period now you look at all these views and your average Christian just kind of throws up their hands and despair.

And says gosh if there’s all this confusion you know how can we develop any certainty about this and when I became a Christian around 1983 I got really excited about Bible prophecy.

And I started to ask questions of my spiritual leaders you know what about this business of the rapture and when is it going to occur and they told me basically they told me here’s what you need to do you need.

To pray for pre but plan for post so make sure you’ve got your freeze-dried food and all that kind of stuff but pray it’s pre so you know kind of the message that we send to people is we have no idea it’s too complicated to solve but as I have yet gotten.
Into this subject over the years.

I’ve developed more and more certainty that the scripture is.

Clear that the rapture will take place before the Tribulation Period even begins and I don’t think it’s just wishful thinking I think it’s biblically based you probably know this but when you get on the internet and start looking into this you’ll see that the doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture is under attack constantly which to me is sort of proof.

That it’s true I mean why would people go out of their way to debunk something if it wasn’t a threat so here’s a quote from somebody this person says I personally do not believe that by the year 2020 any credible person will be teaching the secret pre-trib rapture doctrine now I don’t think the.

Rapture is a secret because how could it be a secret and everybody’s gone but anyway I think the events that are coming.

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