Oak Grove Baptist Church Sermon (october 14, 2018)

We’re so glad that you are here glad that you are here to participate with us in this series everyday church everyday mission the idea that God has called us as his bride the body of Christ every day not just on Sundays or Wednesdays but every single day and he’s given us a mission that he wants us to carry.

Out every single day to every person that we come across and so this morning we’re just gonna be kind of continuing but I don’t.

Want to catch anybody sleep in this morning and so I’m gonna give you all of the time to prepare right here okay all right so all eyes right up here just for a second all right there’s something that we have done over the last few weeks where I will say something and then you will say something in response all right.

And the way that this goes is don’t say anything yet okay I want to make sure everybody’s got it so that when we do it the very first time we don’t.

Have to repeat it all right but I’m gonna say something like it’s not about me it’s not about us and then your response is going to be it’s all about Jesus can everybody do that all right so.

Church everyday mission and I’ve been asked you know what’s your vision pastor man you know what my vision my vision is that we would live out this statement that it’s not about us you were a little slow on the uptick though I mean I gave you all the time in the world to prepare for this though right but it’s not about us that’s much better that’s much better.

It is it’s all about you that’s what we want this the vision for our church to be that we would live that out every single day that’s part of what this.

Mission is and over these last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at kind of a revised mission statement not really revised the truth is this is what we saw in Acts chapter 2 this is what we.

Believe that God wants us to do as the body of believers now this is a a mission statement this is.

God for his church since he.

Established it that we would glorify God love one another serve our world and make disciples it’s simple and yet that doesn’t mean it’s easy as we’ll soon see especially when it comes to loving one another glorifying God with everything that we do with every action that we take with every word that.

We speak that we would do that as a glory to God and aside from.

This kind of catchphrase and the vision and this kind of new mission there are some things that we want to see and it does it begins as we saw last.

Week with glorifying God and glorifying God has.

To do with authentic worship and so it’s important for us to define worship.

That we understand that worship is about.

Worship where we’re saying God you are worthy this is what you are worth to us all of our praise all of our honor all of our recognition all of our admiration we talked about this word this morning in his Psalms you will see this a lot and I was in Jerry Green Sunday School class this morning he was talking about fearing God and he.

Said no this isn’t just like the fear about like we often think of fear this is respect this is reverence that we would stand before or probably in my estimation kneel before or fall prostrate before.