Saint Patrick's Day | Fortnite Daily Funny Moments Ep.12 (fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments) 1080p

Yeah she run up in the doorway just up there on the left there’s a fucking boat please do it die you can out build that tree hurry up and go do you see me dude oh my god are you joking me did you see that makes a mark yeah I see him I’m going for the clips hold up.

Oh ah fuck sticks I’m not happening here oh that wasn’t even on purpose watch that Bush that’s the bush that’s the bush you found it there it is he’s home guys he’s safe oh my god somebody commit that that’s real shit I mean yet again that’s unfair are you kidding.

He actually successfully did that Wow Wow he actually successfully did that whoa turn any traps around here yeah I didn’t pick up I put your name is what I do Ronny let’s go.

What’s this guy dam just doing the nastiest shit that anyone can.

Possibly do in this game on just the.

Regular basis I’ll trigger does that guy demolitions expert baby yeah why.

Okay so busy Shore fish eyes you know like a cup come.

Juice oh my god I got fucked on oh my god that was so bro whoo yeah that’s some next-level shit right there boys oh yeah our next to UK going after a man I’m Jojo I want to see for this guy’s just trying to get his team it up and I’m just throwing fucking.

I’m just right above them just drop it fucking c4 on all sides of the dude just kinda low half shields here we go I actually actually hit him that’s what’s up bro I knew it I knew it I knew he was in that tree stop asking good you look good ladies get right who’s LCS you please tell me so y’all saw that it but now imagine this bro imagine this one before clutch one before clutch boys.

26 skills boom headshot ones building up on top of us boom rocket drop him down midair shotgun.

Other teammate running or a boom quick scope.

With a sniper Tommy last ones just sitting in a bush bop bop-bop-bop AR done boom 30 frag open your eyes boggers we did it wow what a wild what a wild game holy shit clip it clip it clip it clip.

It in your mind he’s right on me are you flying around that’s stupid you can’t give me my stuff oh come on I don’t have any ammo brother Oh drop it right here this guy I’m out playing these.