Remy Ma & Papoose 'the Golden Child' Full Performance

And now for the daytime debut of the golden child featuring Angelica Villa let’s hear it for Remy Ma and Papoose oh my baby the golden child it was love at first sight when I met your mom I was open without she the Queen I’m supposed to bow pretty face with a potent smile we plan to have you back.

Dimple tragedy slowed us down but she went away for a while when you’re dead I’ll hold it down you know everything that happened happened for a reason not know it now we argue.

What we gonna name you I put that sober now it don’t matter to me cuz to the mere name is the golden child then love we share you build it that’s why they can’t destroy truly I understand the ploy this is something they can’t avoid I think that your Mama’s stomach she say I am annoyed.

Shut up and just go to sleep I don’t wanna hear it boy she always say I’m annoying but she just never know she afraid I must for you you loudly she hate the head of noise the world is yours and I promise don’t gotta shed your toys I won’t let you cry unless the tissue crying or tears of joy I heard your heartbeat I heard your heartbeat I cannot wait.

To strap you down in that car seat I heard your heartbeat I heard your heartbeat I can’t wait to make your body want you you are me I heard your heartbeat I can’t wait to strap you down with an Aussie then comes marriage never mission devastation I had been the miscarriage I.

Was torn up broken down fell but then no bumping but all that penguins are loose with the doctor said she was coming daddy was so happy this is all we.

Supposed to change he was me you and daddy would never part please for my ladies listen up never think of giving up doc said that we couldn’t but look what.

God has given us that can’t wait to strap you down Bosse I heard your heartbeat I heard your heartbeat I can’t wait.

To make you bottle I’m you harmony the golden child is available now on our digital platform so be sure to check out the new season of Love & Hip Hop New York premiering November 26.