Kiyanne Exposes Jaquae (lhhny – Vh1)

Because the dates on the receipts that I thought well baby it was a long time ago but I still munch you all go rightful oh hey all the lies you got don’t deflect it’s not rude why are you going so hard to to try to will in those of the LGBT community in Wheeling those who are affected by.

By some point come on brother I’d like to play on another lose let’s do this I don’t get threatened by nobody you know why I’m threatened my body like I seen the comment it was like oh you was just.

Fighting over this nigga I never fought over a nigga a date in my life I popped on Sophie because she called me out my name after she loved my name and his friend popped on me and ended up under the table I don’t want no issue.

With nobody I just want to be respected the stop to you any questions anybody anybody any English come on look you go his Lobby you ask him a question you think you’re going and see you think you’re going to say no what style you got the insolence what’s up come on yeah I said yourself Oh what happened with you were.

Sold so what happened with you and solace or what I separated myself why you leave me like oh not realizing that I tried to be to be the person we just gonna look over that because society is easier on women that do or mate like women Betty my problem don’t say I like girls and I can’t say you like take it you guys hope the society about that I’ll call your mom because you don’t call huh I should keep all to me ain’t.

Gonna answer like come on bro I really been experiencing I’ve really been staring cuz I know how it is being an upcoming artist in New York he’s a poem bull I don’t give a fuck what shot y’all see about him on social media on TV and.

You y’all chocolate our daddy he’s a hard worker them that’s a fact I cannot take away and I will not ever try to take away from his crap this talent is undeniable but bitch about to eat some shit that won’t need to eat are you ready to go no I don’t got to chew avoiding what questions what what you asked me you asked me and purse go ahead ask me I won’t avoid nothing X me type faster what’s wrong with your thumbs embrace.

That’s because I was busy talking what you talking.

About is he gay I don’t know I just know you like.

Dick why I don’t know I don’t know.

I don’t know he just like what you like next question what sunset next caller let’s call her X your questions all no today’s today is.
The day hmm shut your mouth Canyon I’m.

Coming out at least and he’s straight lawyer does some oh I see I don’t.

Know how to use just I like you mm you but I’ll be wrong if I posted all these niggas in my DN a– nervous spot my receipts cuz there’s wait come on.

Brother play anybody else got any more questions I don’t want nobody say I’m avoiding nothing Nathan ever questions questions nothing what is the main issue with you and him.

This honesty I kept it a brat with ripp this is a flip all about to say something right but he never had to find nothing out on my end always brought whatever it is told and I gave him.

A decision you still rocking with me are.

You not you took away my choice by being dishonest you ain’t tell me before you ain’t tell me don’t.