The Life Of An Abandoned Puppy | For The Love Of Dogs | Wild Things Shorts

Hello today’s vagrants are a ten week old staff epoch found on a busy road and a six month old Jack Russell who responds at a few streets away looking lost and confused Volusia whoever abandoned these two little dogs hang your heads in shame well they’re safe now and soon checked in and given their new battersea identities so meet.

Ozzie and crumble they’ve got to stay here for at least seven days to give an owner time to claim them then they can be rehomed and they don’t waste any time making friends although Ozzie has a bit.

To learn about the pecking order around here don’t go there now look I’ve got to concentrate because I’ve been given an important fact to tell you about stray dogs do you know something over 36 and thousands strays well how many three thousands I was at 36 36 is better 10 million strays were brought here last week alone 10 million as I was saying – yeah 3,000 ok facts are not be strong point but the message is clear battersea takes in a lot of strays yes 3,000 the year so come on.

Please look after your dog and certainly don’t dump it.

Because if I find out about it there’ll be trouble won’t a.

Baby a big trouble yes sir well yes stay well here’s a kiss another strays just.
Come in just look at this poor little lady the staff thinks she’s is.

Chill our Jack Russell cross and they’ve named that bobbin she’s frightened and malnourished but she’s also got a heavily swollen belly how’s she doing that Louise I think she might be pregnant she is very thin blessed nurse she’s got some pressure sores and what are they.

Officer precious so she had bedding her accommodation probably what she’s got about time this dogs a little.

Bit look at a spine how come people do it it just a Conestoga graves mate and she is pregnant we think so that’s what we’re gonna check.

Now look at that look at the size of that belly she’s gonna explode all right so we got our gel on on the.

Foot I’m just going to pass the probe underneath she might find a bit strange I like there we go got a pop oh those are popping yeah you’ve got one you can see that heartbeat going oh okay pop it and.

I think I saw another one off there we go you can see the rib cage there yeah to.

The right yeah so two tiny heartbeats two puppies is great news for bobbin because any more could have caused problems for a dog this small so how many months is she well normal gestation period is nine weeks yeah so she I would say she’s pretty much there I can’t imagine she’s got fur especially if she’s so small.

Come on hey keeping still on that one I mean a little girl there you go you know when I’m looking forward to saying your puppies hey she’s so lovely isn’t she I can see me at the end of this room going up buses have to say I wrote about 19 dogs aren’t leaves.

With carmine leading the frogs so bourbon could give birth any day now and all we can do as well wait you.