Laos Wonderland (full Documentary) The Secrets Of Nature

This has to be one of the healthiest cuisines on it mountains of fresh herbs and vegetables meats either grilled or steamed absolutely nothing processed everything fresh and balanced welcome to the warm generous world of Laos join our food Safari to learn how to make the adored sticky rice the surprising delights of ox tongue the freshest green papaya salad.

A spicy knob bamboo soup with fragrant herbs Lao sausage and a sweet treat wrapped in banana leaves to describe less food I think it’s a combination of sweet sour.

Salty bitter and very very spicy we love to eat lots and lots of vegetables salads lots of security chef Tonee intervals family-run the popular holy basil restaurants in the centre of Sydney at the shark hotel and in the Asian heartland of Canley Heights in the western suburbs both restaurants showcase some of the best Lao food many of the recipes are made to Tony’s mother’s exacting standards he’s supported in the kitchen by his sister Katie.

And his parents both spend time helping out his father Tong see making the delicious lemongrass pork sausages if you come to our home well once I hello to you we would just say may have you eaten you know that praise and stuff for you with heesu food Laos food won’t be Laos food without sticky rice we’re either for breakfast we’re here for lunch we do for dinner and when we eat it.
We pick it up and we squash it all up and pick our foot up.

With it and we don’t buy this little bag we buy the big bags you know along with that last tip oh I reckon what about a week a week and a half two weeks we love chili we call it Bock.

Pit and we use them quite a lot when using a salad in soup everyday.

Thing let’s have when friends all that stuff get together we make papaya salad so if there’s about 20 friend we sit all around in the circle yeah so they ask for your age if you’re 20 years old I put 20.

Chili in there no if you’re 30 you cooked any chili in there and they stop you wouldn’t want.

To be anything but AG we could louse fish sauce let’s fish sauce made from anchovy.

Fermented fish hmm and this one has already been made so it’s a literary liquid but.

Some of them you can buy a big massive chunk of fermented fish that we can make gel with it as well with with with the fermented chili dipping sauce yes they’re dipping sauce so every Laos house must have this the flavor is it’s salty it’s creamy its yeah this is the soul of laughs this is what they call papaya in English we all know that.

But it allows we call it back home so to tell if it’s a good back home you always look at the bottom once it start on or black that mean is not nice and fashioned so and you need it really hard and greatest is to make this papaya salad we need a very very hard does it have a flavor Tony no flavor at all very plain and very um yeah there’s no taste.

Only the texture of the crunchiness here how.

Important a hooves in the lower kitchen it’s very important that’s why I Midori of the last people in behind the backyard would grow our own hopes and.

And vegetable the lemon basil we use that in soup in shoes yeah in salad as well it’s the most amazing yeah exactly this.

One here is lemongrass allows people we don’t buy this we’re mainly grown in the backyard capital on.

Mainly use that for our soup and we can kind of roll this out slice it.

Very thin and mix it with our salad as long the drive allows people have their own trees at home Tony in the Lao.

Kitchen there are particular devices that you use cooking implements what are they it’s what they call what.

Cult when you get married that’s the first thing that your mom and dad buy you as a present and then you put your sticky rice in there 15 minutes.

And then you’re done this is allows more than pistols it’s a deep training it’s so deep because you know we do a lot of action with it a lot.

Of extra billet we can make jail from these we make papaya salad from these but this is very good tools in our house kitchen in every Lao kitchen you’ll hear the pounding of the deep mortar and pestle or and star there making the amazingly fresh green papaya salad or tan Michael I said right you’d never think of.

Making Tim Akuma in advance it’s always prepared just before it’s served Serena similar Vong learnt the art from her mother and says the best way to chop papaya is the Lao way by making a number of cuts into the flesh as you slowly turn the papaya then shaving the crisp shards as an alternative for the.

Time poor we can use our not-so-nice spill or the knife so it nice tool we.

Can use a shredder to start off we need a little bit of salt but half a teaspoon but it’s a chili how many you’re gonna use today I’m going to.

Use only three because these are extremely hot sugar choose teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of sugar the parent of the chili is all broken up shrimp paste about half a.

Tablespoon but you mix the paste in with the chili green pawpaw mm-hmm cherry tomatoes.

Nice one option is to give a bit more crunch in the salad is to have some snake beans which would cut into about an inch size 1/2 lime I can do the juice or some people like to do that fermented fish sauce the third paddock but.

Ed just a little bit of fish sauce as well we pound the ingredients these ingredients so that the juices break out so and as you mix you turn is a kind of technique because that’s right push the top ingredients to the bottom and you turn into your dish we will usually serve this with wedges of cabbage or some morning glory sprouts that’s our hot pawpaw salad double horn thank you sticky rice is crucial to Lao cuisine most families by about 10 kilos a week and each night soak.

The rice ready to use the next day in many different and ingenious ways Stephanie Savannah bong loves the many loud traditions she grew up with including making the chili dipping paste or jars the distinguishing thing between the lotions and all the other Asian neighbors is their preference for sticky rice.

And everything meal is it hard to do know once you get the technique right you’ll be fine Stephanie soaks her rice overnight ready for the steamer pour out the excess water Oh Jane that’ll be put on the lid which is also made out of bamboo so after about 10 minutes the steam should have cooked the sticky rice mm-hmm so how you’re fine is that it’s come up nicely the.