Rabbit Documentary 2016 National Geographic Animal Planet For Kids Bbc[ Island Angora Wild]

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You happen did this your flooring barrier is a wire things decides worse than the other led be in the sensor the Front’s are preferable has she been licking it yes because it’s painful it she saw the rabbit assembly came not in dogs normally very collar you call them down readies doing what we do that’s.

How they hit it that is very steep tennis tennis tangle oh I just came back from silly because I work in the Navy so I just committing assault the who cool off to the reguar my my mama never nice look at her she could be king again she chose a little public partner.

She lives here or was it some some growth that to grow fear and this looks like more than three ready from for your own business how do you happen it’s a very rare thing I seldom see if you haven’t seen it this is alpha here this is like up.

What’s up this our wars with very rare in babies so we have a close-up it’s a female 1 year 9 months in here so shipping the Kings.

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That’s why this concern only this your flooring is why I measured know it’s very rough nah I think I think so maybe well.

This my dog it’s a normal disc off floor yeah top floor was every time good good hitting anything or the TV is very shot it means there’s no problem yeah see the teeth very good overgrowth and all runny nose I like this every winter boomer sorry we go to Romans crime by mistake last year no reason we it’s only Jeremy I think only time we generalize me here so see me the other way be of the come before window remember.

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Interested in exploring the outdoors come on at nest I when I got her as you can see this little haze left on hi I wonder if goes away what’s it mean you know done feeding I Bendel leaving sinks over sometimes they break and then I have to go and close the cover like this missa cured this is where the dogs try to get in there’s a wire they hooked up to.

Electrics for them okay we have here about a seven-year-old rabbit this guy was actually being tortured by a dog in his cage we don’t know for how long or why but it came in lateral.

He has four bloody feet turns out all the nail beds are raw on his back feet and in the front feet we’re actually missing a.

Few nails so we don’t know if he was actually fighting the dog back or just the dog was actually trying to buy this feet to the bottom of the cage and I’ve been going from ladder over sternal I’ve given him some really good drugs I’ve got a DEA license and I’m so so.

Jealous because you get the good stuff all I can take is ibuprofen it sucks anyway giving it some sub-q fluids I’m.

Just glad to see him sternal and it seen him home with some antibiotics which.

Mom and them won’t have to to wrestling for because I’ll just go through a nice little bottle and then with a cinema home with some pain medications that I think he’ll actually like to take okay anyway this is probably the first installment of his case you’ve got in from lateral distr.

No so this point in time I’m feeling kind of cocky all right this is where I get cocky you.