Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion Review And Demo

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today is gonna be our second product review and the evolved each line is that and that is going to be the five and one ultimate styling lotion the day I watched and conditioned my hair with their smart curl shampoo and conditioner I finished my hair similar as I did to my.

Last video where I really made sure my hair was clumped was detangled and really scrunched out the water making sure my hair was clumped how I like before I put the product in I thought that really gave me success last time I will include a little bit of a demo.

Of me just how much product I use and me put applying it to my hair so you can really kind of see the little differences compared to the balm I used more I’ve used closer to a little bit over of a quarter size amount I applied that to my hair the similar way scrunching from the bottom to.

The top and then you’ll actually see me as some of it on my hand kind of touching.

Touching underneath my hair and above my hair very very lightly I was not using the praying hands method I wanted to make sure I got some of it but I’m learning very quickly that evolve h’s products are very concentrated and it’s very true that a little bit does go a long way so I wanted to make sure I didn’t.

Waste you know a day of styling by overdoing it with their products so I barely used that much and this is a little travel sized amount on their website this says that it is a five in.

One botanical formula that truly does everything it creates volume hold style D frizzes adds shine or defined curls into smooth ringlets they there they suggest for application and use usage some are similar to how I said I used it by applying sparingly from roots.

To mid length adding slightly more product to mid length to ends for beautiful smooth ringlets on some of the key ingredients its flax that has a little bit of hold and imparts some shine some mallow that hydrates and supports moisture balance and miracle that adds shine and protects the hair from environmental damage this.

Is paraben gluten free and vegan and definitely cruelty free they say that this offers a medium level of hold I think that this is very typical of a curl cream so if you like creams and lotions this is a lightweight lotion you could probably build on this you could probably most likely layer this if you wanted to finish with a spray if you wanted to use this under a lush under a gel.

A some kind of a texturizer I think this would be a.

Wonderful option my hair has a little bit of frisk more compared to the bomb but the bomb is totally different you can see how my hair like Falls like how it’s normally like kind of goofy comparing this.

To their bomb my roots felt totally different this is very on par with how my hair just always looks when I when I style it curly it’s got those chunky pieces that kind of want to do their own thing so comparing to the bomb I use a little bit more.

This is similarly scented although the bomb was slightly more lightly scented.

I didn’t have to use as much of the bomb there’s a little bit more frizz on here which I think it’s just a normal amount of frizz I definitely think it is defining I do have some good shine it is really nice we all know what flaxseed does to my hair and so I.

Think it feels very good it feels full I definitely would say that it does volumize.
And so I think that if you are.

Somebody that likes curl creams and.

Lotions that this is definitely would probably work very well for you especially under especially if you wanted to layer so I think this is a really pretty basic standard styling product that they offer that if you haven’t used this is a pretty versatile one you could try to use this alone and even layering it so this would be a good introduction into their line if you.

Don’t if you don’t currently use their line and I know that I’ve seen this in stores before I will update you by doing what I normally do and kind of pop on here at the end of the video and show.

You what my hair looks like tomorrow after sleeping on it and refreshing it if needed and what I use to refresh that next week I’ll be reviewing the total control styling cream which is supposed to be offering off or their strongest hold so we will see the difference and how they if you found this video helpful at all please make sure to give it a thumbs up.

Please make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any more product reviews or any curly tips thanks for watching the next morning I actually fell asleep with my hair clipped up like this and.

Actually sometimes I do that and I’m actually kind of happy when I with the results the next morning because it leaves like this part and I have a I finally bought a.

Satin pillowcase so anyways this is what it looks like actually still looks pretty good um not any more frizzy pretty normal I see so I.

Know it looks kind of crazy I’m gonna let it settle or I might just keep it in a clip today but um it feels pretty good it feels pretty good I’ve got some good I still have some would curl.

We’ve got some good volume still and it’s not any more frizzy so I’m actually going to leave.

It alone I’m not even going to spritz it today so I think all in all I think it holds really well I can especially since I’m not spritzing it I’m pretty confident that it’s gonna stay like this all day long.

I think it’s a good product to jump into the line especially as a curly girl if you don’t really interested in their shampoo in.

The conditioner not really sure about the balm you’re not really sure kind of how their stuff works in your hair again it’s the first lotion of theirs that I’ve.

Used I use their balm so far so this is a lighter hold though I.

Think it holds quite well their curl cream is supposed to be an even more of a hold so we’ll see how that goes and so we’ll see how it compares to the curl cream but I think this is a good you know a good curl product that’s pretty standard across the.

Line with other curl products in other lines but obviously you’re getting cleaner ingredients it is a little bit more concentrated I have didn’t have to use.

As much as I used in the past but it is lightweight so it’s not heavy it doesn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t weigh down so so this is it guys we will see about I think I’ll leave it I’m not gonna touch it maybe throw it up.