Empty Hair And Body Care Products/would I Repurchase?

Hello everyone what is up and welcome back to my channel so my name is Kelsey if you haven’t been here before and today I’m shooting a lot of empties so this is just the hair empties that I’m gonna be sharing with you today but there’s also quite a bit of body empties as well but my last 50s video.

Was hella long so we’re just gonna hop right into it first things first is this Moroccan oil restorative hair masque I went through two of these I bought them at the hair store they smell pretty good yeah they.

Smell pretty heavenly but it kind of felt like it was coating my hair it wasn’t like making my hair feel nourished from the.

Inside do you know what I mean these are okay.

I’m not gonna be repurchasing but I I don’t hate like if I was using someone else’s shower.

And this was in there I wouldn’t like avoid it you know this is been a while since I’ve seen this this is the karin ich micro exfoliating follicle revitalizing mask this was actually balm i really really love this so it was exfoliating so I would use it I think it says on here yeah so you can use that as a deep conditioning treatment basically I was like a pre-shampoo type thing you would.

Rub it in and then leave it there or you can use it out of the conditioner after shampooing I usually did the pre shampoo method because you really had to like get in there and get everything out or else you have like.

Those little beads left on your scalp but I have a pretty dry scalp as you will see as we go through these hair care products it’s a reoccurring theme from my dome but yeah I.

Actually really love this but I completely forgot it existed I’ve tried some other explants I’ll talk about in a little bit for the scalp that I think balanced my dry scalp better but this.

One was actually really nice and luxurious and my really soft as well this is the Brio geo scalp revival charcoal and.

Coconut oil micro exfoliating shampoo as you can see I’m going through quite a few of these yeah this.

Stuff is really nice it smells nice it.

Smells kind of like therapeutic and it is kind of therapeutic I have a pretty dry scalp in the summer and in the winter it just gets really dry they get dandruff it’s gross but this seems to be the only thing that really helps my only gripe with this stuff is that the packaging makes it really easy to use too much I really am NOT a fan skin care hair care.

A fan of things where you have to scoop it out because I feel like I have no self control and like I always want to come sit out some.

Boys like roarsmore I might use it up and this is a $40 shampoo I think it’s like.

$42 so that’s pretty intense for a shampoo when I go through it pretty quick like six weeks maybe I’m without it right now and my scalp is suffering so definitely going to repurchase absolutely will repurchase should probably do that today next haircare product is.

The love conditioner by DA Venus or da games I’m not really sure it’s an Italian brand I brought this because.

My hairdresser used it and my hair is always amazing when she does it just like the Brianna neo shampoo this is also a scooping situation but it’s a mask so I don’t mind that.