Massive Empties Review ! Product Reviews | Alanna Campbell

Hi again so this one is going to be an empties video I have done these before I think I’ve done one or two before basically I love watching empties videos because I think it’s a much better measure of where there are some days like something or not because if they continue to show you an empty product they’ve used.

Over and over again there must be something good about it and seeing that I know people don’t want to watch an empties video and just see the exact same thing over and over again so for that reason I’m gonna insert some timestamps telling you when things start because.

This is gonna be a long empties video I would like to try and get it and so under half an hour but it’s gonna be a stretch as I’ve said some of the things I’ve used over.

And over again so if you go and look at my last empties video you’ll be able to see me talk about them in more depth otherwise I’m going to just words.

Through things that I spoke about before very quickly I’m gonna start off with share our stuff like stuff you use in the showers shower gels body scrubs shampoos etc are then going to skincare I’ll then go into miscellaneous and if there’s any makeup I don’t think there is any makeup and that’s one if I’m honest right here and as I said I will time stamp with.
Each of these things occur if you.

Only want to see certain vets so let’s get started first things first as the soap & Glory smoothie scrub this is a breakfast scrub and this one is the sugar crush sugar crush yeah sure your crush scrub I spoke about less in my last empties video I love it I think it is a fantastic product I usually get them on a deal in Boots for two for eight pounds still kind of expensive.

But they last me a long time and that was two of them I went through a decided this time I would pick up one and a slightly different fragrance so this one is a lot more citrus real strong.

A scent of lame off it I don’t think I’ll bother buying the lame one again not because it doesn’t like to say and it was quite refreshing although summer I have a definite st. but I found this one didn’t leave a nice moisturizing oil balm on you and your don’t shower as.

Much as the original Bickford scripted I am currently using another one of these in my bathroom at the moment I just love these I think they’re fantastic the next items are also.

Things I have mentioned before and I use over and over again it’s the Navy our insurer moisturizer this one is the original and this one is in the cocoa butter love them nobody say anything else about them they were in my last name piece I think they’re fantastic so get them I.

Go the same goes for the same tea this is another one I think I’d say it in my last day empties video they’re basically out by a few of these over the.

Face of period and getting to last me during the year so that’s my final one it’s so empty so I’m.

Good on to you something else no but Rose jam from lush comes at about Christmas time fantastic these two pretty straightforward and it’s simply because this is what my other half uses an F I’m running out of mine I will use these.

Two as the original source shower gels become and all different scents all different allegiances this is the mint.