Empties | May, June & July!

Hey I’m in here and today I am filming in empties video for May June and July is the last day of July right now I’m filming so I’ve got quite a bit of things to share with you guys since I waited three months to film I just figured it’s better if the videos longer and there’s more content to.

And I like watching really long empties videos so that’s what I want so so I’m just.

Gonna go in no particular order place whatever is on top and the first thing on top is my mouthwash this.

Of Maine whole care fresh mint mouthwash I like the fresh mint flavor a lot I think I have to like the I don’t.

Know what the name of the flavor is that I have right now but it’s I don’t like it as much it’s more like an evergreen II feeling I don’t know but whatever it’s just mouthwash it’s in my mouth for a low 30 seconds a minute he’s not gonna kill me yeah I.

Like the tom’s of Maine mouth washes I don’t think I’m particularly loyal to the one brand of mouthwash I.

Kind of hop around whatever whatever the store I have that doesn’t make sense whatever in the store I’m at has whenever the need.

For mouthwash arises I just buy that was wordy I just get whatever I can get that’s being cruelty free whatever there’s a lot of explanation for mouthwash.

I’m gonna stop talking about it now then we have and I know I know not good for the environment I know but I mean Austin really really like these they are the gum soft.

Paper originals and so it’s like a ninety pack and yeah we use these a lot my purse they’re just really kidding me anyway I guess we’re just doing a mouth kick because I’m going to show you this too it is a crest proactive advanced we have like a bunch of these little mini travel sizes partially used sitting in.
Our cabinet cuz Austin will get one from somewhere traveling and bring.

It home and it’s a partially using me being personally I am and hating when things are partially used I feel the need to use them up even though this is not.

A brand I would buy personally i use the tom’s of Maine one I just feel a need to use things up so that is used up and finish I guess we’re going to move on to sunscreen because I see a few of these on top both of these are exceptionally old and I should.

Have gotten rather than a long time ago you will know they are old because they are not cruelty free actually I didn’t buy it either of these Austin bought both of.

These when he forgot his sunscreen traveling for work so it is the proper term sport and the Banana Boat sport so he has his jobs like a mix of things but sometimes it’s very like in demand there in fields crawling through high grasses and measuring things and doing stuff so whatever these are going and I don’t recommend them and then a sunscreen I purchased it is the fruit of.

Life love that Sun natural sunscreen SPF 30 I know nothing about this brand but it says no animal testing I wouldn’t.

Recommend it if you see it though because it does leave a really sticky feeling on the hands you have to wash your hands after using.

This the rest of your body is gonna be fine but your hands you really have to wash because obviously you’re using your hands for things I have these were on sale when I bought it.