#365 Days Of Samples Week #27 | Sample Sunday

Hey everyone today I’m going to give you an update on my 306 Becky’s samples or sample Sunday I am doing this project a little bit differently this month as I’ve talked about in my previous video so I’m gonna start off by going over the sample items that I did use up completely I used up the arbonne calm soothing.

I jump and it was okay I don’t think this is something that I would purchase but full-sized up or anything but I mean I did the job.

It but not anything super special and you stopped some repeating little sample things and used up all five actually you stopped the Marc Jacobs Daisy so fresh which I thought was nice I used up the proud I can’t kiss which I don’t know like actually surprisingly wasn’t my favorite I thought I was gonna like it more than.

I did I used up the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance this was I didn’t really care for the scent when I smelled it.

In here but then when I put it on me I felt like it’s not little butter I used up the regular Daisy Marc Jacobs and the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker perfume I didn’t really care for the lovely one I used up the Chanel Hydra PD micro serum I only got one use out of this and it was okay the one time I used it but I could.

Only use it once so that’s not really enough to tell if I really like product or not something though that I would definitely want to try again because I did like how it felt and then I used up the skin fix face cleansing cloth and I.

Don’t really recommend these it don’t think it did a great job at removing my makeup it kind of I mean it took some of it off but it just felt like it didn’t get everything and I don’t know to me it just wasn’t the best makeup light that I’ve tried so I won’t be purchasing these.

The bareMinerals original foundation SPF 15 this was.

Really add so this sample I actually did use the fairly light and medium beige that top too.

And I thought I could barely cut any powder from this like maybe under my eyes met it.
So it just either the powders like super stuck on here because.

You can still see the color it didn’t go completely white I can’t remember if this is an older sampler or not but yeah I just didn’t get much out of it so I do have the full size of this already so I know I like it but if I didn’t already have that and haven’t already tried it I was basing off of the sample I would say that’s not really the greatest because I.

Didn’t really get a feel for it at all with just that sample those for the items that I.

Pulled last video that I used up so I did reach for a couple of other items from the sample basket for the past week so I brought in a few more than I had showed.

You guys and I used a few more as well.

So I used up another fragrance and this is the versace bright crystal and you’re really get a good feel for it I don’t know if I really liked or not.

Reach for the other two the face cleansing cloths from skin fix again not my favorite but I just.

Wanted to use them up I had makeup on my face and I was like oh okay well you don’t take off a whole lot and I don’t have a whole lot on my face so I’m just gonna use them I still don’t really like those because.