Soapbox Soaps Tea Tree Shampoo And Conditioner Product Review

Hey guys so welcome back to my channel today’s video is actually going to be a product review of a couple of products that I received from the sub box company so I was allowed to select from quite a few and the two that I chose were from the tea tree line which is designed to clean and purify the.

Hair so let me show you those so I have the tea tree shampoo and conditioner and each of them has kind of special traits so I want.

To let you know about those first Before we jump into it okay so the shampoos special trays are that it’s actually made with aloe and shea within it so those are really great for hair and skin as far as retaining moisture and just decreasing the amount of breakage or dryness that you experience okay now when it comes to the conditioner it’s actually made specifically with shea butter okay and with that being said you know it’s also gonna be very moisturizing and shea.
Butter actually acts as a sealant so being able to retain.

The moisture that you’re getting from having your hair conditioned okay now when my hair was shampooed it actually lathered relatively quickly you know it only been a couple weeks since my last shampoo so that’s good and with the conditioner it really absorbed very very quickly.

Into my locs so at first I was like oh I don’t know how I feel about this but it’s very lightweight it’s.

One of those soon as you rub it in or put it on your hair it is just like that those.

It rinsed it very very well and the great thing about it of course is.

That the first ingredient is water so water-based products are kind of the route to go when it comes to your locs they’re very lightweight easy to go in and easy to go out and that’s what we’re shooting for okay so my initial thoughts when I had my hair shampooed and conditioned where my scalp was tingling it was very.

Tingly and it felt really clean and my hair it felt very lightweight without being too dry.

Was surprised about because with tea tree I was expecting it to be a bit more harsh on my hair I’m not gonna lie but it wasn’t quite as bad as what I was expecting now I can’t say for sure whether or not you could do this without using the I know there’s some of.

You out there who don’t condition your Lots I’m not gonna lie I don’t know if this is a shampoo that really should you shouldn’t follow up with a conditioner okay even if you’re just shampooing all the loose hair at your roots and conditioning roots Nosair at your roots you’re gonna want to follow.

Up with a conditioner at this point okay and with the conditioner that be said because it rinses out very quickly there should be really no reason that you don’t follow through with it but like I said everybody you know there was a point when I really wasn’t conditioning much and I was doing more hot oil treatments but these.

Two are kind of made to be together because it was like as soon as I the conditioner I put on my hair you know it’s like my hair came not back to life that never died but you.

Get what I’m saying like it was very soft.

Even now it’s a couple days after in my hair does not feeling nearly as.

Dry even despite the fact I’ve been tying it up at night I’ve really just been kind of.