April-may 2018 Empties

People Pam here so today I’m going to show you some empties I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago but we’re gonna just do it now these are my April’s / Mae empties I’m gonna let you know what I thought of them if I would buy them again if they were worth the money all that shit.

Used box from Poshmark too full of shit let’s just get into it so many of you may have a bunch of these kicking around your house if you are into couponing this.

Is the goose Schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair with liquid keratin this is the ultra moisture anti breakage treatment for dry stressed hair so I don’t know if.

That’s how keratin works I don’t know that it is but I can tell you that I do really like this stuff it’s not like this is not a fire don’t run to the store to get it but the next time it’s on sale if you don’t already have.

Some is this totally worth it if you have dry crispy fried ends.

I put this on after I do my regular shampoo and conditioner and I’ll just sort of put it on from here down and let it sit well I like shave my legs or do whatever else in the shower so I definitely think this is good stuff I don’t know that it does anything long-term I just had a good chunk of my hair cut off so my ends are just in a little bit better shape than they usually are and don’t really know if.

That’s from this or not but I can definitely tell you that when I do use this as my last step in the shower I have a lot less trouble.

Getting the frizz you know from here down to calm the fuck down and I would say I’d repurchase it again but I have.

Like seven jars of it array so I’m gonna use those first this right here I purchased because of the teyla on youtube her.

She’s going through this whole like skin journey but she said that she had been using this makeup artists choice and it is a mandelic acid toner so I got.

This little one ounce sample from their website from the maketh artists choice website and I used it for about a month or so when I ran out of it my skin started breaking out so I don’t know if it got like accustomed to being clean as fuck from this stuff or not but I think that I’m gonna order some more.

And do another round I’m gonna get a bigger bottle they really liked the way this stuff filled it smells like photo chemicals if you’ve ever taken a darkroom class that’s what this smells like so that was really.

Weird to want to you know like it’s it’s almost like when something smells like.

That you don’t want to put it on your face cuz you like feels like chemicals it needs chemicals it is um I do have somewhat sensitive skin and I could handle this and she’s also using this the Taylor’s using this while on the.
Medication for skin so that’s a.

Good sign to know that it probably won’t you rotate your skin mm-hmm okay I have an empty thing of makeup wipes these are the vici pure pure Tay the.

Mom they’re male I didn’t pass French um this is mostly written in French but it has an arrow it says it has no parabens no fragrance and suitable for sensitive skin and eyes it is makeup removing micellar cleansing wipes this was about eight dollars for this little pack of wipes and there were 25 wet wipes in here for comparison there are also 25 in here and there are also 25 in here.