Unboxing – Up North Naturals

I hope to my channels out here look and I am on your block if this is your first time here see in this place ever then welcome glad to have you here please remove to subscribe and hit that like button as well and share with your friends and your enemies yeah this is not your first time the wealth.

Of that family okay save today’s video today’s video oh my goodness I are so excited I haven’t waited so long to do this video it’s an unboxing my very first unboxing.

Ok so this is um let’s bring it out here alright so this is from up north naturals and I am so excited I have very clean it go I haven’t actually seen what’s inside it but yeah so excited Nick all of that is it already looks natural right it comes with a nice protective sill on there oh it smells.

Really nice it’s got like this citrusy smell it smells really good you guys mm-hm at the ball okay so with Botox coming you guys you.

May want to try doing a wash and.

Go because you have this in your home your husband you like.

You smelt at a ball and it really does it restart edible so yeah clear curls cleanser and this has been mean wear black after black soap and mint and rosemary open this up take the violets all minty smells nice and minty I can imagine heaviness in my hands gives that tingly sensation and love.

It this is made with shea butter castor oil and aloe always contrabassoon natural ingredients again if you read through all of them you can actually pronounce all those ingredients so that’s awesome let’s smell it mm-hmm it’s got like the scent like yeah I would say it’s got a very light scent so nothing of a powering nothing to again and that’s that’s great because there’s no.

Like a special fragrance in there.

It’s pure lean essential oils so right now in this.

I’m just been a very light like me even even like the scent eight with rose water a low and grapeseed oil I didn’t imagine doesn’t it smell like Pepsi Oh smells really nice it’s not like a rose like it’s got this really nice light scent to it yeah I love and yeah it’s really nothing like it’s so relaxed and I don’t know weird but it’s not really like and this is oh okay this is your leave-in.

Conditioner mmm okay let’s see what this one smells like yeah it’s really light like you’ve just small very nice I like it just refreshing and light natural scents okay.

This is your eighth oil blend for dry hair and guess it’s.

Just got lots of oils in it sure doesn’t really have much of a scent I think it’s got sandalwood in it yes it has it has I think that’s what I’m smelling so very nice again what I’m really liking and notice in with this OP not natural.

Is it’s really again it’s all natural.

And all the sense is just very very light and refreshing and I’m really liking like it’s there’s no like overpowering you.

Know roof fragrance heavy product it’s it’s really nice and light so that’s really good for those of you who may.

Not you know want something of a power in.

This is your curl twist of cold butter again very light and scent and it’s just got this has got some castor oil some shea butter over whole bird seed oil grapeseed oil yes love it but the anything else in there I’m being greedy and when it’s the more stuff yes okay I think that’s the last one smells really tropical.

Mmm really love it this is the edge control and when I notice it’s got different textures of why I oppose him used to it almost looks like a jail as a person edge control but it’s stiffer than a job anyways but we’re looking forward to trying this out I usually don’t Elise leaked my edges cuz I don’t really have too much.

Edges but I can’t wait to try this what happened see what actually does so there’s all the products that were sent to me by up north Naturals I am so excited for each and every one of them and again thank you so much for sending these products and if you have never heard about them I’m definitely on your page you could w w dot up north natural stop calm I think or just go for the van Instagram as well what else is there yes.

So I will be doing tutorials on using these products so expect some videos on how to use these products and how it turns out on my hair with my texture so I’m really excited about.

That and I’m hoping you join me I should have a video up a week hopefully hopefully hopefully if you have any requests on styles you like to see me do that let me know down below in the comments below again thank you so much for stopping by and watching this this channel do come back to subscribe to my channel share my videos and like it and I will.

See you in my next video I you.