Fail Or Holy Grail Review: Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

Heffron scissors today I’m gonna be talking about the clears midnight blue youth activating drop I bought this product because I was interested that it was blue and color I think things like that are always very interesting to see if the flute is actually doing anything or if it’s just really there to make the product look fun and but.

I’m also always on the hunt for use or anti-aging products because obviously I’m not getting any younger in fact the opposite is happening so it is.

Never too early to start using anti-aging products in general I’ve always liked clears product as well so I was very surprised to see that this one was actually a fail for me so the product descriptions days the clears midnight blue youth activating drop does exactly what it’s named after it is a night serum used before going to bed that has a blue tint due to the way saline in the formula made with the efg b FG and 95% of.
Materials for anti-aging the EF g & VF GF activate key features and the.

Skin to improve overall health and quality of the skin although the packaging.

May be small it’s only made with ten core ingredients without the use of purified water as a high concentration high strength delay aging.

Serum this product has nice functional packaging it has a dropper top that works very well the drop itself is a watery blue color that looks super fun in the dropper top but in reality it’s only slightly tinted blues the drop has a thin watery texture and is moderately easy.

To spread out the formula doesn’t contain.

Any silicones or glycerin to help it spread evenly on the skin so I need to use a little bit more than the description suggests for an even application it absorbs super quickly too and it doesn’t leave behind any shine or residue this an antiaging product this.

Means that it’s very hard to tell if it’s doing its job properly because if it.

Any signs of aging for me personally during the use of this product I saw no signs of change in my skin for the.

Better or for the worse so I love that this has nice functional packaging it is mostly easy to apply though I do need to use a little bit more of the product to spread it out because it doesn’t have any glycerin or silicones to help that actually spread on the face and.

It absorbs pretty quickly I don’t know that it is fairly expensive it is 30.

US dollars for 20 mils which is pretty small and I saw absolutely no results skincare is always some personal and just because this is a fail.
For me does not mean that it cannot be a holy grail for you for me.

I found that this product was pretty expensive for how much product you actually get in the bottle and how much product I needed to use each time I didn’t see my skin change for the better or for the worse but I only got to use this product for one and a half months due to the size in general and one and a half months I.

Wouldn’t see any signs of aging anyway so it’s really impossible to tell if this product is helping my skin stopped aging I was actually quite surprised that I didn’t see any results on my skin.

From the strop I didn’t see any hydration I didn’t see any textural changes in my skin.