Empties #9 | Would I Repurchase? Products I've Used Up!

It’s Alexa and I am aware it has been a very long time so um in today’s video I’m gonna do an empties because as you may have guessed tomorrow is a recycling day and I’m very bothered by my hair right now cuz is crazy dirty but if I wash and dry my hair before doing this video the light.
I’ve I’ve liked pomade it down it is the bane of my existence right.

Dying to go and wash my hair what I’m very addicted to are their foot masks okay so I bought three of them I.

Bought these it’s my own money they sent me one moisturizing one and I was like yeah I can’t use that right now I need to like I.

Need to have all the dead skin on my freakin feet peel off so these things they have a H a and then they basically come with a little baggie that you fill up with the liquid and you tape your foot up in them it’s s to wear them for 15-20 minutes I don’t do that I.

Actually pre soak my feet in warm water in Epsom salt after a long shower so my skin is already like very very soggy I guess and then I will put these.

On and wear these for 30 minutes plus yeah so I mean I don’t suggest to too long because it can be.

Really irritating it is a H a and it’s quite strong but I find myself not to be so bothered I recommend putting petroleum on the top of.

Your foot so that the top of your.

Foot doesn’t peel excessively you really want like the bottom of your foot to peel if that makes any sense and then you put these on and put on a pair of socks chill for like 30 to 45 minutes at least after you’ve pre soaked your feet for real the pre-soaking is what makes the biggest difference with these and I find that because I work at.

The airport I wear the same shoes all the time in nylons not cotton socks or anything like that you really need to take care of your feet because otherwise.

Your feet will stay so soaking and.

Epson salt helps Listerine diluted with water or in vinegar vinegar is really amazing or baking soda even if you don’t have excess callus or excess dead and on your feet soaking them does your feet millions of favors it just helps like alleviate the bacteria that may be caught up in there it’s just it’s disgusting I know I have two creams that are actually they’re not done but.

They’re pretty much expired / too old so the first thing I have is the Narciso for her I went through this perfume a long time ago and the cream is just it went off so I’m getting rid of that and then I have.

The oil-free acne Moisture pink grapefruit cream from Neutrogena I actually never used this on my face.

I used this on my back because I used to get like back acne or anywhere where I was susceptible to Ingram’s I would still use anything that was for tackling pimples or acne prone skin just because when you get Ingram’s they kind of turn into pimples and usually.

Acne type products will help you know accelerate skin turnovers what I’m trying to say right now speaking of something else that’s probably gone bad and I actually despise these these are the e OS bombs I don’t remember what flavor this was but I just don’t like these.

They’re super waxy on the lips I feel like none of the moisture actually penetrates your lips it’s just a layer of wax that you’re putting on your lips that does absolutely nothing for me I’ve got a batiste dry shampoo I love these and I actually got this for a sponsored video a while back cuz like yes I already buy this all the time so I went through.

This one not very quickly because it is different than the other ones it’s not just for refreshing your hair it gives you big volume like it’s not the nicest when you want to.

Run your fingers through your hair after but.

If you are styling your hair and you need more volume this one.

Is great next I have the Renee which is a hair cream it’s the intense nourishing conditioning cream for very dry hair and this took us a while to get through conditioner smells amazing and it really does moisture here but I just feel like it’s so expensive to be honest and Quran is under the same umbrella of companies as Renee photo VA so if you are looking.

For budget products I would recommend chloride as previously mentioned I used the Neutrogena acne cream or whatever but this I used as well it’s the pink grapefruit facial cleanser I liked this the smell was invigorating and I just.

Used this to wash my face honestly and.

Then I’d go on to moisturizing it’s not like something I would absolutely recommend to purchase I don’t think there’s a facial cleanser I absolutely love apart from a seller water to be really frank with.

You another product I have to toss because it is expired this is awful this is the Aveeno active Naturals.

Protect and hydrate SPF 45 only have like about this much.

Left so I don’t feel so bad about tossing it I have an H.

A hand cream with evening primrose by the Brad called lather not sure if this still exists but I got it.

In a subscription box because I’ve been traveling a lot I’ve gone through a lot of samples and I’ve thrown a lot of mine away abroad when as I’ve used.

Them up but one of the ones that came home with me is this one here which I just managed to finish and it’s a caribbean therapy Evita body cream.

In sample form and it smells really nice and it was very practical for being on the road another sample I’ve gone through this is the tarte high-performance naturals park.

Of princess bronzer and it was just this sample that came with a piece of plastic over it and it’s just you know bronzer powder this was all brown.

Before I liked it I wouldn’t go.

Out and buy it but it was decent I mean there’s so many great bronzers out there that I’m kind of like I went through a bag of cotton squares and these are the quo luxury cotton facial pads I bought these at shopper’s because someone said these were better than the Shiseido ones or like very similar and I tend to disagree I would really recommend forking out the extra two dollies for the Shiseido ones the Shiseido ones are just impeccable and they’re just better to be honest these.

Ones were just kind of like puffy in a way that I just think the Shiseido ones are better woven so another product to toss that’s kind of overdue I don’t use any baby oil.

Huge baby oil fan and now I just can’t stand the scent of it I.