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Hi guys welcome to my channel and today’s video is about like I’m gonna bitch about so many products that I hate and we all do go through certain products which we never liked there are so many things that I’m gonna show you today but one product was there which really inspired you to make this product literally screwed up.

My hair you can as you can see they are looking like a broom edge Hardwick Kasich though and I’m not happy at everything is lying in front of me so whatever comes in my hand I’m gonna pick.
That up and show it to you guys but.

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Was ranting about this product and that is none other than this shampoo by Irish which.

Says that it is thick and long growth shikaka shampoo for visibly thicker longer hair will hatch so much of hair fall and with that make my hair very very rough dull and dry no matter what while you you is no matter which hair back try if you are going to use a shampoo after that it’s.

Gonna like literally take away all of that and yes to like.

250 rupees but this one which was life around 330 milliliter and it is totally a waste for me now that my family member wants to use it not in the kids no one so it’s just a ways I.

Think I will be using it maybe in some many cures at a cure somewhere I’m going to use it.

But I would definitely recommend that you never ever invest your money in this Yahoo.

Let’s move on to the other product so the second product let’s take from makeup and that is this Garnier BB.

Cream it is a little bit darker for me not only dark but it.

Does oxidize with time we doesn’t see the consistency is quite liquid it’s because it’s a BB cream it’s not supposed to give you a lot of coverage but it shouldn’t oxidize and it should at least give you a little bit.

Of coverage which I didn’t get from this one I didn’t like thrice if you really want to.

Invest in a BB cream you can go for that bonds BB cream or you can opt for Lakme CC cream which is 100 times the next product is another product that I did a review also and that is the.

Lack main nine-to-five natural yellow aqua gel first of all I did buy it because I thought that is gonna be Rahzel like normally that would get in market like lead from but Anjali from Bao or from any other brand jacket first of all because it’s not a pure yellow aqua gel it has a lot of chemical sort of parabens and second of all it is not that great as a primer to doesn’t cover up your pores or anything it just mattifies your skins into anything.

More than that so I would recommend that you invest.

Even your 200 bucks for this one with fact you can go for like edible gel from wow 99% pure aloe vera gel the very very much loved brand that is patanjali brand I think that I’m gonna run today is about this Patanjali scrub it’s a very very funny product like if you open it up and.

I will give you a swatch here first of all when you see the consistence is.

Quite runny not like a scrub and then the beads they do not think they do they don’t provide any kind of exfoliation and the cream or this thing that they are provided with it it’s quite weird very watery very runny and the beads are a lot less than a normal scrub should be having or washing your face it does leave a little bit of greasy film.

On your face which is another big disappointment from this product so as you can see I’m trying to scrub it here so I don’t think you can see a lot of exfoliating beads here.

Because it doesn’t have much of that so.

The next product that I’m going to talk.

About is the Maybelline nudes eyeshadow palette that I bought and I.

You did see this one in my naica haul I’m disappointed because I did buy with that the makeup revolution palette which is like awesome and when you compare through the peloton when you have already used makeup revolution and then you come onto this palette it really disappoints you.

First of all it doesn’t give you any color payoff so when you swatch the colors and swatch it for you here you see that it doesn’t pay any color up see can you see anything like it doesn’t show up you know and yeah if you bet your brush then definitely it will give you a little bit of color but that’s not a point where every time if you are going to use matte.

Color for your transition you are not going to bet it the color that I did like from.

This palette is the black one and its price range I think you can find.

Even more good palettes like the wet n wild palette divisions even more.

Cheaper than this one but has a very nice color payoff so this is also another total waste of money talk to you about is the bio teeth bio Kakuma pore tightening toner will himalayan waters from normal to oily skin this one overall obviously biotic is a very nice brand all the products are very very nice but this one I didn’t like because first of all I have this sensitive skin so when you apply it on your.

Skin it’s going to give you a very sting your tingling sensation I don’t get a smell from this one like a stringent I don’t know if you have used the eye or astringent that used to be like back then it does give a very similar kind of smell they very strong and if you have sensitive skin it might even tingly will odd or it can even cause a.

Little bit of irritation talk about.

The pore tightening thing it doesn’t even do that maybe you might need to use it for like 2 or 3 months to see the results but overall I didn’t like it that much so it’s like a pause is my recent purchase that you did sure did see in my naica fall and that is this moonlit highlighter did buy I did invest like 700 rupees in this one which was total waste of money because if I see the product this side it.

Has the highlighter for like I think fair skinned ones and this one is like for the darkest earth.

Tones or you can even use it as a bronzer but the thing that I didn’t like about it first of all the highlighter it’s not that pigmented who use this product as a bronzer it has shimmer in it so using it as a bronzer at a time wouldn’t work that much so for me this product is total waste of money you maile are tan removal orange pay scrub this one I bought.