Products I've Used Up | Empties Video

Hi everyone its Darcy welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be an empties video or products I’ve used up I actually did this video out like this exact same time last year so i’ll have that link it down below if you want to check it out i have a ton of things to talk about today.

And i’m going to try to keep this video pretty short so if you have questions about any of the products or anything just leave them in the comments down.

Below and i will get back to you before we get started I would love if you’d go ahead and subscribe to my channel and let’s go ahead and get into the video first I’m going to start with all of my skin care products the first one I have here is the enzyme cool sustaining toner I’ve talked about.

This like a hundred times before but i love the ends of skincare line the only reason i am not currently using it is because i used.

It for or for over a year and I was just ready to try something new but if you want to see a review of these I’ll have a different video linked down below next is a face wash and it’s the ol a foaming face wash I really like this it’s a super gentle face wash I kept it in my gym locker so I would just use.
It whenever I was done at the gym and done working out next.

I have two more face washes and you’re probably thinking I’m crazy right now the amount of face wash I have but the first one is the gardenia.

A blackhead eliminating scrub and the second is set of phil’s gentles cleanser I got this in a swag bag from.

Kc fashion week and it actually really likes this a lot it says you’re going to have results in like one week which I totally did not think was true it took about a month for me.

To see results this that I do think this product worked very well I only use this in the evenings so in the morning I just kept it simple and went with cetaphil next for.

Face products is an eye cream it’s the rock eye cream and in my last empties video I said that I hated another eye cream because its packaging was like this i don’t know why i purchased a product i was like the skin but i did so same thing as last time liked.

The product hated the packaging so i would not repurchase this unless they made it differently also for the face I have a clinique repairwear laser focus it’s like a serum you put on.

Your face after you wash your face I actually really liked this that i found it was used up like super quickly i think i went through this whole bottle in a month and I used it exactly as they said the.

Next one is kind of random but it is a spot treatment that I actually got from the dermatologist I’m probably going to butcher the same but it’s the tretinoin cream I liked it it worked well however I think my next product works just as well and it’s way cheaper and doesn’t require a dermatologist visit and.
That is the clean and clear personnel 10.

Maximum strength acne medication my next face product is a moisturizer and it’s the ol a complete all day moisturizer with sunscreen.

I really like this moisturizer I think it’s super gentle and it also.

Like that has sunscreen in it in my last face product i have is the yes to cucumbers soothing sensitive skin I makeup remover pads I was honestly disappointed with this I love the yes to cucumbers makeup remover wipes so I had pretty high expectations for this and.

I just didn’t do anything for me I don’t think it took anything off that a normal makeup remover wipe wouldn’t get off next I had to body washes the.

First is the Nivea cashmere moisturizing body wash I love.

This stuff super gentle smells good smells clean great product and the next is Enza essentials shea butter body polish I really liked it it was exfoliating it felt great it smelled good so all around good product next is a lotion and it’s the aveeno daily.

Moisturizing lotion this is my all-time favorite lotion I’m repurchasing it constantly my next product is a conditioner and it’s the suave naturals tropical coconut conditioner I did not use this as a.

Conditioner used it to shave my legs and honestly I think it.

Works just as well as if you buy an actual shaving cream.

Up next is a hand soap from Bath and Body Works I’ve gone through a ton of these so I just picked one to show you because I didn’t think you’d want to see all of the exact same product but this is the Hawaiian pink hibiscus gentle foaming hand soap if you watched my summer essentials video then you will recognize this but it’s the Neutrogena ultra sheer body mist sunscreen I think in that video I have the normal lotion kind but this is.

Obviously the spray kind I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone talk about this in products I’ve used up video before but.

I have mouthwash my favorite is a crest ProHealth complete with fluoride and alcohol-free it’s purple if.

You are buying it when it’s full now I have two chapstick so my first one.

Is the Nivea a kiss of smoothness hydrating lip care this is my all-time favorite chopstick and my next one is an.

EOS lip balm and I don’t know what flavor it’s a blue striped to finish out the video i had a couple.

Makeup products first is my favorite concealer it’s the Maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser you have all heard about this stuff like a million times but it is fantastic I’ve used up a lot of these and i will constant i have been constantly or purchasing i’m sure you have also all heard a lot about this before but it’s the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer i have gone through way too many of.

These to count if you’ve watched like.

Any of my get ready with me.

Used this exact same mascara in all of them but it’s the mac false lashes in extreme black this is obviously just a sample size but this stuff is fantastic for my last two products i have eyeliners and the first one is the Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner I love this stuff is my.

First liquid eyeliner and it was extremely easy to use and get used to and my next one is the tart precision long-wear liner my cap doesn’t like click ever and so it dried out extreme quickly.

I don’t know if anyone else who uses this liner has had that problem those are all of my empties or products I’ve used up over the last couple of months make sure you check out my blog instagram and.

Twitter and i’ll have all of those links down below and I’ll see you guys next time bye.