My Favorite Cleaning Products! | Thebrzylife

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to talk to you guys about my favorite cleaning products what I love and what I recommend we’re gonna just jump right in because I have anytime that sitting next to me I guess I should try to make this somewhat organized because I mean there’s a lot of products here.

We’re gonna kind of start with cleaning and then kind of go into like laundry and stuff like that I’m one of those people who have an absolute favorite type of hand.

Soap and that is the Bath and Body Works and so I love their hand soaps the foaming soaps in particular are my favorite I have been trying to go a little more not necessarily all-natural but just less chemicals.

And so a lot of these products if not all kind of keep the environment and your health in mind so like they’re not as chemically I guess as everything else that’s on the market this is the only thing I haven’t really replaced yet is.

My hand soaps because I love them so much I feel like the foam on these is like really nice and thick and it gets your hands really clean it leaves behind an incredible smell and the.

Scent lasts like forever I love it so the foaming soaps from Bath & Body.

Works are still my favorite eventually I may just go ahead and switch to like the mrs.

Soap but I just don’t like them as much I don’t know so this is the one thing that I cannot let go this one is one of my current favorites this is bourbon just a men’s.

Collection but it smells so good the.

Bath & Body Works gentle foaming soaps it’s where it’s at you guys moving on to like just a multi surface cleaner mrs.
Meyers for sure is my favorite I don’t.

Have one particularly favorite favorite scent I think they all smell really good as of right now I am using the peony and the lilac scent and they’re both really nice the one that comes out in the fall like the what is it apple pie spice or like something apple spice that one’s probably my favorite scent so far but I love all of the Sims really one that I’ve tried that I don’t.

Like but most importantly these are really great cleaners like I can clean anything.

With this I’ve claimed my wood.

Table with this and I didn’t have wood cleaner and it worked perfectly well I clean my glass top stove with.

This all the time my microwave the counters the bathrooms anything that you need to clean especially for a brand that doesn’t have like the harsh chemicals in it when I was kind of transitioning into the world of like getting rid of harsh chemicals I was really really worried that.

Like my cleaning would suffer from it I didn’t want any residue left behind I didn’t want any streaks left behind so I’m really happy that I found mrs.

Because this multi-surface cleaner leaves nothing behind it’s a beautiful cleaner an amazing sense so I’m so glad that I’ve got that I love them they’re my tried-and-true they’re pretty much the only like multi-surface cleaner that I.
Use I have tried method and it’s good I like it but I just like mrs.
Meyers a hair better because you.

Can also use it on mirrors and glass services with no streaks so get you some it’s amazing the next cleaner that I’ve actually really been.