June Empties And Reviews 2017

Hey guys so it’s my first day back in front of the camera again for a really long time it feels a little bit awkward um yeah I’ve been in my a if you’re curious where I’ve been had a new baby he will be 3 months old very shortly he is adorable and I loved him so much because I’m.
His mother and yet um you know we had a really hard time with a lot of.

Things started off Rocky I’ll go through it really quickly but anyway as we started off we took him home and immediately we were home for I think a day and a half and then immediately what had to be admitted back into the hospital.

Because he had jaundice and so we stayed in the hospital for three more days after that so I spent basically his first week or more in the hospital which was awful um then we come home for a couple days and one of his newborn screenings had came back abnormal and worst day of my.

Life absolutely were saying like oh I can’t even think about it it was awful um okay stop thinking about it so anyways that what we had to do we had to do a bunch of blood work and we had to put him on this like supplement for three weeks and then they retested and I did a couple more blood tests and as it turned out he was okay and it was a genetic thing it was a genetic disorder and it’s actually my fault I have.

The genetic disorder um as it turns out it’s a deficiency of carnitine and which that can be very very serious where it can be very very minimal and.

I just have it I just send a little bit deficient in carnitine and I can take a supplement and be fine um so you have no idea how thankful I am a you know that he’s okay that was my biggest concern obviously and then that I’m okay in it yeah I can take a supplement and actually.

Feel better so what else in my life it’s actually so that would be amazing carnitine deficiency just causes you to be very tired a carnitine deficiency will in my case just calls me to be more tired basically your body uses carnitine to digest proteins to use proteins as fuel for your body so basically I’ve lived my whole life on glucose and I wasn’t burning through my fat reserves like I should have been so it makes a.

Lot of sense and I just thought everybody was just tired I thought everybody has this much trouble like with their weight and stuff and which I.

Know a lot of people dude I’m not discounting that but and I’m not saying mine’s going to go away miraculously but since I started taking the supplement I just.

Hope much better like it’s insane it’s only been a couple days because we’ve been doing this testing but it’s insane how much better and mentally more clear that I.

Feel because I’m not starving yeah anyway so enough about me and yeah I just want to say a house super thankful I am that all of that happened and I would not want to go through that again with my baby but you know it might end up being it has it is kind of a blessing even though that was.

The worst day of my life okay so back to makeup and less serious topics these.

Are my empties I don’t have a ton I yeah I just don’t have a ton so let me roll through these as quickly bare minerals bare skin serum foundation I talk about this all the time this one is in bare satin at 6 this is my summer color although right now I’m wearing both a 6 and a 3 because I’m not quite to have been on the Sun rep really this summer so yeah I like this foundation it works well for me.
It is a pain in the ass to kind of figure out how to.

Use and to make work right and sticked and a lot I do but yeah I think it’s great for acne prone skin it’s oil free.

And silicone free and it’s water-based so I can get down with that it works well for me.

And yeah Perricone preempt series oh I actually repurchased this I found if you guys don’t ever check out gilt City check out built.

City they had $50 you bought a fifth is kind of a Groupon motif or familiar with Groupon you they have just different deals going on but the deal prepared comb was that you could buy a $50 gift certificate or $50 certificate worth $100 so I repurchased.

The preempt skin perfecting serum is what every purchase I just really liked it it kind of reminded me of my SK 2 that I also really liked but when I do my skincare.

I kinda like to mix up the active ingredients so I like to use a variety of active ingredients I like that this supposed to free oil free I believe it worked well in my skin it did break me out and so I really like this energy cucumber revive cucumber and aloe under eye patches I love any kind.

Of under eye patches these are really cool these are like silicone pads and they were just nice and cold.

I kind of preferred these honestly just because they were they stuck on her skin they stayed cold for a.

Long time and it didn’t they weren’t goopy like a lot of the paper masks I really like these if I see these again I will pick them up I’m sure that I’ve got these at Marshall’s yes I did before any night so yes I will get those again if I see them hope there was my spoils I didn’t the oil free hydrating cream either used on my body because it.

Had things I don’t like to put on my face so I know review on that body shop coconut body butter this is on my favorite body shop solutions that I’ve tried thus far I haven’t read ton but I don’t all of the ones I’ve tried passion fruit and the rose won the British Road this one was the most moisturizing and yeah so that’s probably repurchase I like 2% and it was very moisturizing African.

Formula sulfur stuff I have these all the time they’re three dollars they’re super they’re making great face wash for people with acne issues I really recommend you get them I get mine off Amazon terminal to paste I have these all the time I think I’m going to UM yeah terminal to paste I have.

These all the time it’s a natural deodorant it works for me and it’s my favorite natural deodorants Behrman off active cell renewal night Sarah I think this has been discontinued not.

Certain but I don’t see it I don’t think it’s on the website anymore but you can still buy these in the bareMinerals outlets I thought this was.

A good product I did like it but I haven’t found my fk2 and I like it a lot better so I would rather.

Just buy this over that or I would rather buy sk2 over this or the Paragon pre-act which I just repurchased Chloe I like this is so funny and I feel like a lot of people say everybody always says you know when you’re pregnant your senses are super super heightened I am having it now my sense of smell right now is driving me absolutely insane I love this perfume but I just wore this one and I was.

Like oh my god I can’t tolerate it but no I do like this perfume I’m actually was planning on picking it up until this last go-around and I was like it was.
Too much for me that I want to buy this I.

Think it smells like fresh laundry but it’s also kind of warm and sensual at the same time so I do like this but I have some more samples that I’m going to save until I’m kind of past this heightened sense of smell.

Time can’t handle that oleh hula Henriksen shear transformation I use this on my body because it has things that typically break me out so I didn’t put it on my face glam glow gravity mud firming treatment actually like this um this one is for wrinkles and I thought it did.

A pretty good job of just kind of very temperate obviously a.

Temporary fix but it just kind of plumped up the skin made.

The wrinkle less visible thought it looked really nice I thought it worked pretty well for something along that vein you know that’s hard getting into which I’m start talking about wrinkles um I wouldn’t not repurchase this I don’t know that I will but I might so yeah I have another one I’m trying.

Out by Peter Thomas Roth right now so I’ll try that one and see if.

It that would just could be.

Nice you know before we go out to date night or whatever filling it wrinkles a little bit more you know.

This number seven concealer swear I think they just continue to really like this.

Concealer that’s super dry sounds awful it’s super dry and chalky no it is super dry and chalky and I love it because I have acne oily from skin it doesn’t have silicones in it doesn’t have oil it didn’t break out my face it worked really good on blemishes really like this I could actually even wear this like alone.

When it matched my skin it didn’t always match perfectly like if I had a tan or something but I really liked this one and I think it’s discontinued so that makes me sad sitting Hydra solution sheet mask from dr. Jordan know I really just like this I don’t know why I just liked it so much but I.

Just didn’t care for it it was really and.

Yucky and it’s not something the serum wasn’t something I was going to leave on my face so yeah temporarily kind of moisturizing but I even broke out from just wearing it as a sheet mask and then washing off the stuff – not for me fresh life perfume I thought this was very citrusy it was.

Okay repurchased for me Shiseido classic zen mmm yeah I don’t like this women so powdery and it just reminds me of like old school perfumes Elizabeth and James Nirvana black I loved this one until right now like as I was getting ready to repurchase tips with slender and I loved it loved it loved it and that’s all underwear and now I’m.

Like I don’t know if I like it anymore so anyways I have other samples of it so I’m sure I will try it again it bye bye pores love this product I loved the original version better they reformulate.

It when it cosmetics got purchased but it’s so good and it’s so good it mattifies for me.