Costco Body Wash : Product Reviews

That’s where I like it we’ll look at hello my friends cheeks here and guess what I have something that I just had to do a review on now I love shopping at Costco they have crazy products I’ve had a lot of videos at Costco but once in a while you find a crazy product though you never thought that.
You would use and love so much well this is it Costco’s body wash this is a.

Two pack that you get and it’s basically 800 was it 800 milliliters body wash a fairly good-sized bottle right and it’s only ten bucks it’s $9.99 at Costco and I must say I’ve been using this for quite some time and it’s great value.

It’s got a great scent its natural citrus I never really was a body wash person used to use bar soap right because it you know lasts a long time and you want value right you know I thought these were just getting washed away and you’d you’d wear.

Out so you know when I saw the Kirkland name on it I thought okay it says Kirkland Signature probably a good product I’ll try it out and see what happens and you.
Know what I’m gonna believe I’ve been using it for a.

While we haven’t the family’s been using it and it does it lasting long time it works great now just wanted to show you the lather is crazy I’m telling you it’s crazy okay you if you use now you say how far could that get you you know what it goes a long way you wouldn’t believe it but you know I can’t really lather to crazy but it smells great very good you’re gonna love it I’m.

Telling you you can have a few that’s just a one squirt and you could you know cover a lot of your body with this it goes a long way that’s all I had to say so there’s the lathering see if you agree with me with this product if you.

Like body wash if you shop at Costco but had to show you that product so it’s one of my picks cheeks picks liked it very much so there you have it definitely something to try out at Costco.

The body wash great deal great value recommend it but thank you for watching live life loud cheers and cheek sale did you call me like and subscribe come on hit a little button hit the little thumbs up but if I appreciate it.