3 Evernote Features That Keep It Relevant In My Life!

Three ridiculously powerful features that Evernote has today on dottotech sorry to interrupt this will just take a moment but I thought it was important that I do a bit of a disclaimer before you jump into the main part of today’s video because I actually thought twice about whether or not we should publish this video but I’ve decided to.

Go ahead and publish it and here’s the reason that I thought twice about it is we’ve been expressing some concern about the future of Evernote about the.

Leadership that the company is having and how they’ve been updating and.

In how competition is increasing having said that I believe Evernote will be around for a long time to come there’s 225 million users they are not going away it’s just a question of whether they are our first choice in the future as a online note-taking app that future is still up in the air as far as I’m concerned having said that I’m continuing to use Evernote myself for the foreseeable future and the features that I’m showing you here today are indeed the main reason that Evernote is still.

So relevant in my life so I just wanted to fast track because I know there’s gonna be lots of comments saying wait a minute Steve you’ve been.

Talking about how Evernote isn’t.

Moving with the times yes that’s the case but it’s still a viable tool back to our regularly scheduled programming Steve dotto here how the heck you.

Doin this fine day at dottotech we make technology easy so you can do more now a couple of weeks ago.

I did an editorial where I sort of poo pooed Evernote I was a little bit upset that Evernote had wasted a whole bunch of energy telling us about a new logo when what I was really hoping for was some new capabilities and features but having got that out of my system I took a step back and thought well what.

Are the things about Evernote that make it still so relevant in my life and I came up with my top three features of Evernote.
Today or at least the things that I value most in Evernote.

And I’m gonna share them with you in just a few moments but first let us take time for a quick word from today’s sponsor which is the Evernote QuickStart guide yes indeed it’s my own little mini course now this is a free course that I designed which is I believe the fastest and best way for you to get started using Evernote if you find the information that I’m about to.

Share with you today compelling and.

You want to get off using Evernote hey that sounds totally rude if you want to start using Evernote by getting off on the.

Right foot then I recommend that you take my Evernote QuickStart guide let’s get on to the demo perhaps the.

Most underutilized tool within Evernote is the camera it’s a just ridiculously powerful and Evernote for collecting all different types of information now when you access the camera you can access the camera to capture whiteboard.

Notes or you can capture well let’s just use it now and let me show you I take.
I still would prefer to take notes by no.

Clicker by hand at conferences like a notebook like this and here’s my notes from video marketing world so let’s just take that capture that and capture the note now.