How I Prepare For A New Academic Year – Back To School Tips | Studytee

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel and today long-awaited how I prepare for a new academic year most of us will probably start a new academic year within the next month or so and today I’m going to share my best tips for things you can do it to be a bit more prepared before you start the first thing.

I do in planning for a new academic year is to go through and organize last year’s notes I sort through them and try to find out which notes I can throw away which notes.

I may want to store and which ones may be useful to have next year I would recommend putting the notes you think you’ll need in a binder I have a separate binder for important notes from last year so I just sort the notes by topic and keep them in the binder right next.

To my desk so that it’s easy to find them if I need them another thing I recommend doing is to take some time to figure out which planning method you will want to use.

Next year there are so many different ways to plan so be sure to find a method that suits your own needs.

And preferences I prefer using a detailed planner with a daily schedule so this year I will be using the simplified planner it has both an hourly schedule and a to-do list for.

Each day so it is perfect if you’re like me and prefer planning out your days in detail other options could be using a more minimalistic planner with weekly pages a bullet journal if you.

Like total freedom or perhaps you want to consider planning digitally either way.

Take time to reflect on what has and hasn’t worked for you previously before choosing your way of planning also take time to get to know your planner once you’ve gotten it and give yourself an idea of how you’re going to.

Use it next I always write down checklists that need to be completed before the new academic year starts this.

Year I’ve made – checklists one for these stationery and supplies I need to get and one for the tasks that I need to do just take some.

Time and figure out everything you’ll need and write it down in a notebook or just on a piece of paper everything seems a lot more manageable when she written it down.

By making checklists you can always.

Keep track of your progress and you always know what needs to be done this next tip only comes if you buy a textbooks and don’t borrow them.

Like I did in high school but try to get your new.

Textbooks as soon as possible I find it.

So helpful if I’ve already familiarized myself with the textbooks before the new academic year starts so I would recommend setting aside some time just to like get to know the structure and content of your.

Helpful thing is to get some cheap page markers and Mark of where the.

Different chapters start I always do this and it just makes it so much easier to find the information that.

I’m looking for once I’ve gotten my textbooks and familiarize myself with them another thing I like to do is to make a checklist for the different sub chapters this is my actual checklist for the.

Year which is why it’s written partly in a region but I’ve basically written down all the topics we’ll be covering as well as three columns.