Evernote Ninja Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Hey this is john wilkinson from struggling for purpose calm and i wanted to share some keyboard shortcuts in evernote on windows i’m currently going through a course where the instructor is mentioning all the keyboard shortcuts but they’re for mac OS and i just thought that there might be others out there who might be using evernote and they’re watching.
Some of these videos maybe on youtube or someplace.

Else and they’re just not connecting the mac shortcuts with the window shortcuts alright so just really quickly if you want to find all of those.

Shortcuts you can find the windows shortcut list for all of them here.

And at this URL and if you want to find.

A mac shortcut list if you’re on a mac and you’re watching this you can find that here as well those links will be in the description of the video below and also a hint for Windows users take advantage of the tooltip feature in order to find out what the keyboard shortcuts so for example if I highlight in pause you can see that the very first one create a new.

N shows up there and there as you can see I’ve created a new note with that so the next one shift alt T will allow you to search your tags and find those items that are related to that particular item and then ctrl shift T will show or hide all of your tags so when you’re in a document if you want to change the font and you don’t want to use the.

Toolbar up here you can hold the ctrl key and press D and then that will bring up the font dialog if you want to create a bulleted list its control shift be and then you can create that list actually that should be item to shouldn’t it have and then press ENTER twice to end that list if you want a numbered list its control shift oh and then if you want.

Or checkboxes its control shift C and then you’ll get those items there as well I wish there was more spaces between the check box and the tap and the task list there but unfortunately that’s not the case if you want to see a horizontal line in your document you can simply.

Go with ctrl shift minus that gets you a horizontal line noticed earlier when i did a search shift alt T and I pulled up one of these items then I couldn’t see all of my notes well that’s simple enough to do if you want to get back to all those notes is let’s say i pick axe here that’s only going to.

Show this one but i want to see all my notes control shift a will pull up all of my notes there and then i can get back.
To the note that i was on and.

If i want to see all of my notebooks it’s shift f6 which will show everything in all of my notebooks to.

Navigate between notes you can hold the Alt key and press the left and the right arrow buttons that i’ll navigate through what you were doing before and then over here on the right hand side you can see here if press f10 that will hide will turn on or turn off.

Or hide or show the sidebar hope that those tips help you out those are some ninja keyboard shortcuts for windows if you want to see more videos like this subscribe and.

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