Working With Evernote | Ep 100 | Why I Am Sticking With Evernote

In this week’s episode of working with Evernote we’ve reached a hundred episodes hello and welcome to working with Evernote this is episode 100 and my name is Carl Pauline and in this week’s episode to celebrate a hundred episodes I want to give you ten reasons why I am sticking with Evernote despite all the competition out there the beautiful.

New note-taking apps that keep coming out every week every month being updated why am i sticking with Evernote and in this week’s episode I to celebrate 100 episodes of working with.

Evernote I’m going to take you through the ten reasons why I love using Evernote on a daily basis so as we got tend to get through we’d better get straight into Evernote but before I.
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Evernote could really benefit them then please share this video because I really want this to be the reason why you either stay with Evernote or you switch to Evernote okay let’s get straight into it and I’ll start with number one okay the first reason why I am sticking with Evernote is quite simple it’s solid it just works it can it just never has ever let me down I’ve never lost a note I’ve never had.

A crush on me as far as I’m aware and certainly never lost anything if he ever did crush on me that’s one of the main reasons why I absolutely love Evernote because to me solidity is.

Far more important than beauty and I mentioned that in last week’s episode but it truly is important it’s solid it just works.

Number two is it can handle an enormous amount of notes if I click on here on I have thousands of notes in here and actually at the end of last year I did a clean up and removed something like 4,000 notes which I ended up archiving and they’re now on a hard drive so I can go back to those notes at any time I just cleared them out but.

They’re all here and I can keep thousands of notes in to do into Evernote and it never ever lets me down the other thing about Evernote is I have been using this for nearly nine years and I am very familiar.

With it and as this is the hundredth episode of working with Evernote you can guess that I.

Probably know quite a bit how to use it and that’s one of the key factors with any application if you’re constantly switching apps you never have the opportunity to really go deep and learn what that application can do for you which is one of the main.

Reasons why I keep telling people is to stop switching apps choose one and really get to know it like learn it inside out so that you can actually use it without thinking about it when that happens boy that’s when the productivity in your life really gets supercharged because you know how to use the app and after nine years of using Evernote well almost nine years of using Evernote I can tell you I do know everything I need to know about Evernote number four is is incredibly.

Flexible and can handle just about anything you throw at it and what I mean by this is you can throw documents into here now you’ve got to be a little bit careful because there is a a month and a limitation on what you can upload to Evernote but if I just create a new note in in the inbox which I’ve just done here and I’m just going to go into my Dropbox because Dropbox is where I keep all my work-related stuff and unfortunately I don’t I don’t actually have a great deal here but I.

There’s a good one here is I’ve got a.

Template here pre talking template from 2014 I don’t I don’t use a user I can just drag.

That into this note just like this just drag it and there you go it’s down it’s actually given me as a zip file but I can download that file really simply now or save as whatever I want to save it as so I can dump whatever.

I want into here of course I can dump photographs I can dump web clippings all sorts of things that I can just dump into a note now as I say you gotta be a little bit careful about this because if you start dumping very very big files like 501 you probably couldn’t do 500 mega from gigabytes of.

PowerPoint files then you’re gonna be very up onto your limit of what you can upload to Evernote but it’s so flexible about what you can actually put in there.

There’s the next one which I would say is number five is the mobile scanning app that is also brilliant because you can just use the mobile scanning app to scan in pretty.

Much anything you want once again take a photograph it can be scanned in scan a document with the photograph and it goes straight into your Evernote the scanning app is super fast and really well worth the the.
Of it number six is it integrates with so many.

Different apps and you know this already because I keep covering this is its ability to work with if this then that because it’s just a fantastic place to get automation I don’t use a great deal of automation in with Evernote but the ones.

That I do use are superb and all I have to do is type in Evernote into the search box sure enough there it comes.

Up and click on that and as I mentioned I think again I mentioned this last week there are literally thousands that you can actually use in the Evernote ecosystem and you know I can go more more more it’s just so many it also integrates beautifully.

With my favorite app on my mobile phone which is drafts and it just works fantastically we also have the opportunities to linked it to Google Drive as you can see here Google Drive is also linkable so there is so much that.

You can do and it integrates with so many things next up as again I mentioned this on last week is the search functionality is the best-in-class keywords tags whatever you’re looking for you will be able to find.

Can save your searches and you can do all sorts of amazing things with search and that’s one another reason why I just love using Evernote I’ve never been I’ve never been in a position where I haven’t been able to find a note it is just fantastic the Web Clipper oh boy the Web Clipper is.

Awesome the Web Clipper here is just here I haven’t actually it needs to be real ogden.

Typical and i will just log in continue there you go I go I go as we say in Korea there we go I’m logged in I haven’t been using.
My laptop for for a while and this always happens I think I.

Planned everything and then I haven’t planned everything so.

I do apologize so I just have to type in this verification code it’s okay you can have this verification code it’s a one-time code one nine four six four eight sign in and the Web Clipper is working now there we go so all I have to do is click on this it will give me hey there we.

Go so now I reloaded it so the Web Clipper does work I use this mainly on my laptop and you can use it a simplified article it is just an amazing option and you can set it for whatever you want you can have inbox I’ve got there your options are for this by the way are fantastic I.

Always start an inbox but you can set up whichever way you want to do it is just fantastic they click the the Web Clipper is just out of this world.

And I don’t know any other application that actually.

Matches that or does anything as good as the Web Clipper does in Evernote so that’s another reason why I just love using Evernote number nine it’s always there and.

Waiting for action and it really really is it’s always there I’ve got it even up on my toolbar there I can just quickly crap craft a new note I can use the keyboard shortcut shift command n any time to show that window and just start typing this is a new note it’s always there and of course on your on your mobile devices it’s just a simple whether you’re using Android or whether you’re using I think they go is.

Straight in this is a new note done so so fast and number nine sorry number ten is it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be now I know we are all different people we all some of.

Us like to have complex structures some of us don’t like any structure at.

All Evernote can handle that.

I’ve gone through so many different ways of organizing my Evernote I’m still.

Not completely happy with it but the way I’ve got it set up at the moment it works for me this is one of the reasons why I don’t like to go into too much details about how to set up your Evernote because Evernote is a notetaking application and you need to make it work for yourself but it can work for you.

Can share your notebooks you can do so many different things it’s great.

For students it’s great for working with clients and it’s great for working with colleagues Evernote is just the best notetaking application out there full-stop yes I know there’s a lot of new applications out there there’s bear notes Microsoft OneNote is very.

Very good but just in terms I’m a Mac user and just in terms of solidity.

Reliability and it being out being as flexible as it is then it’s just for me hands down.

Wins every time ok thank you very much for watching this 100th episode of working with Evernote I hope you got something out of these 10 favorite features that I use Evernote for I’m sure you have many if you do have.

Anything I haven’t added and you think I should know about add them in the comment section I do read and reply to all my comments so please do that I will be able to get back to you very quickly and it just remains for.