5 Free Time Management Tools For Better Productivity

Hello beautiful people and welcome to another video if this is your first time to my channel my name is Elif area and I like to review products tools web apps mobile apps and whatever today I have the small collections of my favorite time management tools some of them are free and some of them are paid if you’re interested.

In time management and how you can be better at it maybe you should watch this.

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Let’s starts with shadow I’ve already reviewed Trello so that’s.

Why I’m not going to get into a lot of details but Drella is basically a tool that you can use either by your own or in a team and you have your cards like.

This one with that just may six intermediate-advanced done and inside there you can have your personal notes this is a predefined run it’s not one that I have made but I’m already signed in so let’s say that I have the cards basics and then you have another smaller cards which is called like welcome to trailer you can.

Click a date and of course you can can create your own and there are except your title you have your description and then you have comments if you use Trello and your own maybe you don’t need comments but although I use Trello on.

Some notes so I add them as comments another thing is that you can have members labels so you can change the color then you can have a checklist due date an attachment or you can go to the actions like move which will move this card to another one copy watch.

Or archive archive is something like delete you have two options or Cavan’s late but you will figure it out by yourself it’s pretty easy I like to use Trello and having the cards as to do doing down or future work or something like this of course you can add least or you can add cards and this is trellis if.

You don’t know this product I’m sure that you will love it just give it a try and it’s free let’s continue with another time management tool and it’s called Pomodoro method style and the website is marina run timer calm and here.

You have actually three tools the Pomodoro which has some basic things.

About what is the Pomodoro fee Donal this technique it’s as traditional Pomodoro method timer with standard time periods its Pomodoro is 25 minutes cycle followed by a five-minute break after the fourth moment Dori you will take a 15-minute break so this is actually a method if you want to work or study more and what basically is.

It’s 25 minutes of work work work and then 5 time just a sort break so you can set this up or a custom timer which will be whatever you like or a kitchen timer which.

Says timeboxing timer just set it and forget it so I’m going to click in the kitchen timer just to show you an example and you have this big big clock here and you can change the size of it all right or you can have like this one and you can set it.

In like I don’t know how however time you want maybe this.

Is two hours and then your timer is going to start so you’ll have it like this and you have pose restart repeat time after like forever or you can have your sound and maybe change it I’m going to keep it like this and continue to the.

One this one I have to warn you that it has a price all.

Right so let’s go to the third tab that says pricing and the name of this product is time and I always have a blood we’ve got more than one so you have a free.

Has four single user unlimited projects unlimited clients and max want account integration or 4/6 well as you have the pro and you have.

A lot more things but let’s go back to the first one the first top story which is the product run and say what is all about smart time tracking project and team management functionalities powerful.

And I is everything you need to start improving your time management I know this product and I have used it a little.

Bit and I have to tell you that it’s great and pretty much you can do everything you can work again solo or in a team and it’s super effective it’s quite similar to Trello all in Trello I like it more if it’s.

Not not it fits not that much about time management but keeping some notes if you want more like time things then you should use time and I I’m sure that you were like also this product let’s continue with another one which is called rescue time so you have to download this product and then you can use it this one again.
Has a price yeah you can have it either for free or if you are in a.

Team you can use it by paying some money the money is not a load like monthly monthly it’s $9 or annual is $72 but you can have it.

Free for three months report history you’ll have a weekly email reports you can set your goals.

And of course track time in website and applications let’s go in the features and.

Here it says risky time gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time to help you become more productive in the day for.

Example I use YouTube alone if I knew that I’m using YouTube for let’s say 2 hours per day that I would.

Love to limit it this time and if I’m using rescue time that I can do that because I wouldn’t like to spend so much time in like Facebook or Twitter or whatever so it says gain perspective set goals and take action it gives you a detailed.

Report a weekly email summary and you can set goals or see your productivity score it can download it either on Mac.

Or Windows and the last product that I would love to show you is timely again you gotta have it as free which is a free trial or you can pay for it timely says fully automatic time tracking for those who trade in time this website actually has a beautiful UI design whereas the other ones I wouldn’t say that has that beautiful of design and then it says how it works it.

Tracks it suggests then you try and it approves you can click on it to find more info but we are going to continue and it says one tool to manage your pert profitability productivity and efficiency from one place it has some screenshots of the things that.

You can do and of course you can use it in whatever device you may have it can work perfectly either as a solo or in team you don’t need to do a lot of things but again this is a great tool if you’re struggling with the time management and maybe procrastination and this were my five favorite tools for today and about time management if you like this video don’t forget to.

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