How To Create An Awesome Graphic Dashboard In Evernote | Evernote Hacks + Automations + Templates

Hello everybody this Enrico from Heidelberg Germany two weeks ago I published a video showing you this beautiful dashboard and I got many requests to do a video on how to build a dashboard like this so it is actually pretty easy you will be surprised you all know that the Evernote mobile application as a document camera that can capture.

Post-it notes with you know whatever you write on them are design you can build little icons depending.

On what kind of categories you want to have in your dashboard just you know create some nice.

Posters that you want to have their capture it with the Evernote application each of your mobile the document camera can capture post-it notes.
Okay it will be shown as a post-it note earlier let’s try.

This yeah you see so just posted and you simply say to that posted note into you have an account let.

Me show you how I built my dashboard I use the 3 by 5 table I dragged all the pictures into that table and resized.
Every single picture to 300 to 2.

Or 300 by 300 pixel square to have an even distribution of the pictures in the table then I made the table outline not be gray which is the default but white so it actually looks like the pictures are free-floating on the note which they are not they are in table that’s the simple and easy answer to how do I accomplish this.

Look on the phone or on the computer and what I then did is I linked.

All the individual notes of the posted pictures I captured to the dashboard note so that whenever I click on a picture it will automatically trigger it will just.

You know open the link to the new note inside the note you could see a table of contents which is created automatically by a tool called filter eyes and the filter ice filter I use you can download the link is.

In the description below just make a filter eyes account it’s free for up to three filters if you want to go fancy with these with the Evernote automation you can always choose one of the pay plans put but for the dashboard the basic plan the free.

Plan is absolutely suffice ever not certified consultants can opt in to filter eyes business to try it out and get used to it.
In case they want to recommend.

It to clients with their Evernote certified consultant demo account this one will actually give you the opportunity to use filter eyes business for free forever.

For your purposes to develop automations that might.

Benefit you and your business or your clients business if they want to go and automate a burr note so that’s it it’s that easy to create a dashboard the filter that we use in filter eyes will put the information into every single table of content notes what.

We did here is we taught the filter to.

Look up the search term in the title of the note so.

If I have a list of all the items I want to read I usually use a tag read that’s my reading list so surprise then takes the.

Word read and looks at the tag read it is easy that is that all my designs have the tag design so filter eyes looks for the tag design okay all the two dues have a tag to do and that’s all.

Those looks of the troduce it’s as easy as that very simple thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to build an awesome graphic interface inside Evernote that.

Serves as your dashboard to just jump into the table of contents of your Evernote account if you have any suggestions questions if you.

Want to know more about how to automate Evernote leave a comment below or send it week to at Enrico Nala on Twitter or you can find see see group if you’re also a VCC thank you very much for watching I’m out for today and I will be back definitely with new designs new automations for you that will make your life with Evernote even easier.