Google Keep Tutorial 2018 – Quick Start Training

Hello everyone this is Anson from Anson Alex calm and in this video I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get up and running with Google keep Google keep is Google’s note-taking app and it’s accessible on any device any computer so you can access it by going to keep Google calm as you can see that’s.

What I’ve done here or you could download the app for your Android or iOS device and we.
Will take a quick look at both of those apps towards the end of this video.

But here we are in Google keep you obviously have to have a Google account so make sure that you log in with that like I said it’s a.

Note-taking app so to get started we can just start taking a note you’ll notice that towards the center of our screen there’s a box for us to type in we could alternatively click one of these buttons over here to the right.
Which would be just different ways to start our notes we could.

Start our note as a list right away which just means it’s going to have checkboxes added to the note.

We could start our note with an image right away or we could start our note with a drawing but it’s important to understand that once we create this note we can add all of these elements later on so it doesn’t really matter so we can just click in here and we can start typing you’ll notice that there’s a field for a title so we’ll just call this let’s say it’s content ideas.

We’re making a list of different topics that we could make tutorials about so you all know that I do Google Drive Gmail Google Calendar all these different google apps and now we’re doing Google keep so we’ve got those on our list here and to add some checkboxes to actually make this a list that we can mark items off of we can just click on.

The three dots down here and then we can go to the show check boxes option you’ll notice that now check boxes appear on our list and we could check any of them and when we.

Do that the item that we checked is now moved to the bottom into the completed section and we could obviously uncheck that if we want it as well notice that there are a number of different options here in Google keep when you’re.

Adding a note and all of these options are exactly the same as they are on Android and iOS so keep that in mind as we go through here they.

Might be located in slightly different places but their functionality is the same so let’s go ahead and just start looking at all these different features that we have the first one is the remind me feature and what we can do is we can click on this reminder you’ll notice that we have some quick options we could quickly remind ourselves later today at 8 p.
Pick a specific date or time or pick a location so I.

Mentioned that Google keep works on our mobile devices so.

Actually be reminded when we arrive at work okay.

We need to go talk to you know so-and-so in this department so you can add location-based reminders I think that’s a nice feature so important to note here but we’re just going.

To pick a date and time so we’ll say that we want to be reminded today at I will do a custom time that what we do 11:25 okay and it’s a non-repeating event and.