Working With Productivity | Ep 1 | Francesco D'alessio

In this week’s episode of working with work I have a very very special guest hello and welcome to episode 12 of my working with work series and in this week’s episode I have a very special guest kicking off a new part of this series of where I get people from YouTube or for other places to come onto this.

Show and to give a their top productivity tips and in this first one of this series I have none other than Francesco de les so coming on to share his top 5 tips for being productive and Francesco has.

An amazing YouTube channel quite an inspiration to many of.

Us out there who are on YouTube where Francesco covers things I ever know time to do it of course but he also covers many.

Many other applications and shows you what you can and cannot do within those applications a channel that’s definitely worth subscribing to if you haven’t already subscribed and what I’m gonna do now is I’m going.

To hand it over to Francesco who’s going to go through his top 5 productivity tips and you can subscribe to his channel below in the notes section but definitely have a look through his channel you’ll.

Find lots of ideas in there if you’re looking to improve your productivity so let’s get straight into this and let me hand you over to Francesco hello everyone its Francesco here.

Thanks very much Carl for introducing me and explaining more about what I’ll be touching on this video now I’m going to be sharing a few tips in this episode about some.

Of the top productivity tips that I’ve come across now I am at the moment I’m very early in my career so I actually haven’t.

Had a great deal of work expensive only had four or five years worth of stuff but I’ve been able to have a lot of good experiences but I wanted to share some of the tips that I picked up a lot my journey so far that I think might be helpful for you guys so I’m going to share four tips and.

I think we help you in your journey but also a final tip that I really recommend to everyone if they aren’t doing it already my first tip would be to note everything down now this sounds very general and vague but what I mean by this is.

Having some sort of inbox collection system.

Now for those who haven’t read GTD there’s this theory of inbox now I’ll include the video.

That Kant has made on this one basically the idea of this is actually to capture anything that comes into frame whether it’s like picking up cereal on the way home or like a future of Ben that’s happening anything that you have in your mind that comes into your mind that you necessarily haven’t processed yet so what I’ll do is I’ll.
Of the inbox into doers and.

It’s a great way for me to have that there so that I can refer to it later process all of the items and put them in the right information boxes or whether I need to actually choose when actually to do all of those things the second.

Tip that I have is maximizing time now I started doing this maybe about two years ago and.

I found it very beneficial so what I would do is now I will try and utilize my phone for any of my efforts so previously before what I do is that have my laptop or macbook and I would only stick to that for work and I would be like okay everything’s.