6 Productivity Hacks To Help You Get Things Done

Hi I’m Cody gosh do you just want to do this later no fine JK putting off work is easy tempting fun really but it’s frustrating too especially when your to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing so I’m curious what are some simple ways to be more productive well here are 6 productivity hacks to get you started oh.

One the eye isn’t our box method use this to be more productive and stop wasting time the.
Same way president eisenhower did first draw.

A two-by-two matrix the first.

Column is for tasks that are urgent and the second is for tasks that are not urgent the top row is for tasks that are important and the bottom is for tasks that are not now take your to-do list and divvy it up everything in the urgent and important box do it now I mean right now pause this video and do it right now if it’s urgent but not important then ask.

Else to do it if you can if it’s important but not urgent then just.

Schedule a time when you’ll do it and if it’s neither important nor urgent then bye Felicia cross it out it’s dead to you to the Seinfeld strategy if you have trouble sticking with a new.

Habit then use this method which comedian Jerry Seinfeld allegedly uses to write new material every day pick something you want to start doing every day write in your journal do 25 squats whatever grab a regular old wall calendar for every day that you do your thing draw a big red X on your calendar and that’s it just.

Focus on keeping that gene of red X is going you know how it feels good to cross something off your to-do list drawing.

A big red X feels even better o3 the Pomodoro Technique Pomodoro is the Italian word.

For tomato and is a type of pasta sauce but that’s beside the point this technique got its name from author Francesco Cirillo is tomato shaped kitchen timer but that’s also beside the point here’s what you do set a timer for 25 minutes dedicate that time uninterrupted to working on your to-do list then take a five minute break after four.

Of those 25 minute cycles take a 20 minute break rinse and repeat until your to-do list is empty voila for be Richard Branson just kidding but the media mogul says his secret to success is simple exercise Branson claims he can accomplish twice as much in a day just by staying fed his words not.

Ours but with a track record like Branson’s he’s probably on to something o-5 the Frog.

Rule supposedly Mark Twain once said something along the lines of eat alive frog.

First thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day so there it is eat a frog okay not literally or maybe literally I don’t know your life in more practical terms the.

Your worst most unsavory task of the day whatever you’re dreading doing the most tackle that in the first hour or two of your day turns out the most unpleasant task is usually the.

Most important one anyway funny how that works right when everyone around you is catching up on emails and making coffee you’re using those quiet hours wisely Oh last but not least the two-minute rule this rule is really the combination of.

Two rules but don’t worry they’re both simple first rule of two-minute rule Club if a task is gonna take two minutes or less just do it now things like putting your clothes away after doing laundry or washing.

The dishes after doing dinner there are annoying things you’d rather not do right but honestly they don’t take that long two minutes they’re done the end the thing is your list of things to do is already too.

Long so adding more things to it when they only take a minute anyway not a good idea the second part of the two-minute rule is all about habit formation any new habit you try to form shouldn’t take more than two.

Minutes I’d stay with me here let’s say you want to start a habit of a daily workout routine how many times have you tried to start that one up a workout habit is a tough one to stick.

To because it’s a big commitment ain’t nobody got time for that according to the two-minute rule your new habit should be something small like putting on your running shoes or packing your gym bag once you’ve done that.

Little task well might as well go to the gym right make your two-minute have it something that feeds into the larger habit you’re going for baby steps you can do this well find even more life hacks and learn about science psychology and everything else on curiosity.

And why are you still watching this video get to work.